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Interview with ‘Supernatural’s own Metatron Curtis Armstrong part one

Interview with ‘Supernatural’s own Metatron Curtis Armstrong
Curtis Armstrong

Best known as "Booger" from classic '80's film 'Revenge of the Nerds,' Curtis Armstrong now has a huge fan following for his role as ‘Supernatural’s evil Metatron. This Michigan born actor is enjoying an amazing career that started out on the stage, and moved to the big screen with 'Risky Business,' ‘Better Off Dead,’ 'Ray,' and most recently hit TV series 'New Girl.' Armstrong talks about his passion for acting, books, and old school music.

Q. I heard a radio interview where you said you thought making movies was going to be a one- time thing. Lucky for the world, that wasn't true. Now that this season of 'Supernatural' is finished filming, what other projects do you have in the works?

A. I had trained to be a stage actor, which was my first love, and when I got cast in Risky Business in ’83, I really did think it was wonderful; but I thought it was bizarre. I kept a journal every day because I wanted to remember to be able to remember what making a movie was like. I’m also doing ‘New Girl’ with Zooey Deschane. I’m recurring on that as I am with ‘Supernatural.’ I have a better I idea with what is happening with my character on ‘Supernatural’ than I do on ‘New Girl’, but you could torture me for hours and I would never tell you. The truth is all I know is what happens in the next two weeks. Any future for the character after that, I have no idea. It’s a show that has a passionate fan base and everybody wants to know what’s going on. I wish could tell them, it’s really amazing how out of the loop they keep people on that show. They have to protect so much with the way the stories go. It’s been a revelation since I’ve been on that show; especially since I’m relatively new to Twitter and Facebook. It’s been astonishing to meet the fan base of ‘Supernatural’. They’re unique. Curtis Armstrong was taken by about nine people and all my second and third choices were taken. Since long ago I decided I was going to accept “Booger,” it seemed like an appropriate one.

Q. Your performance in the recent 'Supernatural' episode called 'Meta Fiction' was amazing. How does it feel to be part of the 'Supernatural' family?

A. I have to tell you, it’s a little strange. I am not only a voracious reader; I am also a vinyl record collector. This is something that they did now know when I signed on to the show. They were writing things and having me in this room where I was listening to vinyl records and had books everywhere, I was sort of flabbergasted. Then, they went even further, in ‘Meta Fiction,’ there’s a slightly obscure reference to a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ story. I have been a “Sherlockian” since I was 12, and it turns out that Robbie Thompson had read an interview with me where I talked about my passion for ‘Sherlock Holmes.' He put it in specifically as a little “in” joke. It was a real delight.

A. It’s wonderful. I’ve never had an experience like this before. The fact that everybody has been so deeply invested in these characters for so long, is astonishing. I have no idea what my future is on the show, to be very honest, but as long as they keep bringing me back, I want to be there. The character is a fabulous one and I think the fans seem to respond to it because on the one hand because it makes them laugh, and hate it because I’m such a bad guy they just want to see me dead.


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