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Interview with ‘Supernatural’ guest actress Rebecca Marshall

Actress Rebecca Marshall
Brie Childers

Actress Rebecca Marshall is as talented as she is gorgeous. Her guest role as Lola, Crowley’s stunning companion from the episode ‘Blade Runners,’ introduced her to ‘Supernatural’ fans this season. This Toronto, Ontario born actress has an impressive filmography with her role as Lindsay Gallagher in CBC's popular series ‘Arctic Air,’ an upcoming guest role on the TNT hit ‘Franklin and Bash,’ and co-starring role in the a the new action, thriller film called ‘Raze.’

Q. How did the cast and crew welcome you to the set?

A. The cast and crew were wonderful. A few days before shooting, the director Serge Ladouceur phoned me to welcome me and discuss the character. It immediately made me feel at home. I love when a director is into the character development as much as you are. I was able to sit with Serge and the producers and watch the monitor and really felt involved in the whole process. Mark Sheppard was wonderful to work with as well. We had a very intimate scene for the introduction of my character. He made me very comfortable and cracked jokes to keep it light.

Q. Tell your fans of any other current projects you have on your horizon.

A. I just finished shooting ‘Franklin and Bash;’ a series on TNT which airs this summer and you can now watch "Raze” a film in which I play the Villain on Itunes. It went to Tribeca Film festival last year and is still in festivals around the world.

Q. Tell us about your character of Lindsay Gallagher in CBC's popular series ‘Arctic Air.’

A. Yes! Love Lindsay. If I hadn't just come off of doing the movie ‘Raze,’ I wouldn't be sure that I would be good for Lindsay. But something about my character Phoebe in ‘Raze,’ gave me such confidence to play bad ass female roles. Lindsay is definitely not someone that you want to mess with. She takes her job very seriously and has had years of MMA training to back her up. I love Lindsay because she has so many layers too her. Yes she is a tough cop but at the end of the day she wants to be loved like all of us. She's independent and has to constantly prove herself being surrounded by male co- workers, but she's actually quite sensitive and emotional. She is just use to being alone and hides her pain well. I think we get to see glimpses of her vulnerability when Blake (John Reardon) is around her.

Q. My geek loving readers would love to know what it was like on the set of Repo! The Genetic Opera.

A. I loved working on ‘Repo’ because it was such a passion project for most people there. It was a blast being able to work in Toronto as well because I could be close to my family. The cast was so talented and I am a huge ‘Goodfellas’ fan so working with Paul Sorvino was a dream come true. His voice is just incredible. A lot of people didn't know that he was an Opera singer, I am glad he could share that with his fans.

Q. I read that you perform your own stunts. Totally impressive. Do you have any other hidden talents such as singing, dancing, writing?

A. I enjoy singing a lot. I have such a strong love for music. I feel like in my past life I must have been a singer. I am still trying to find my voice but would one day LOVE to do a musical. I write a lot. I just finished my first screenplay, which was one of the toughest things I've ever done; but I am quite proud of it. It took me years to write and it was very frustrating at times. But now I am at the stage where it is all coming together as a movie, and it's beautiful to watch the whole process of something that I created.

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