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Interview with ‘Supernatural’ guest actor Ken Lawson

‘Supernatural’ guest actor Ken Lawson
Karolina Turek

Loved by devoted fans as the German Hookman from the episode ‘The Real Ghostbusters,’ Ken Lawson will play Professor Graham in the 20th episode of ‘Supernatural’s season nine entitled ‘Bloodlines.’ This highly anticipated episode will act as a lead in pilot to the spinoff due out next year called ‘Supernatural: Bloodlines.’ Originally from Scotland, this talented Vancouver based actor is also a comedian and musician with a busy schedule. Catch up with this hilarious actor and what he has to say about working on the ‘Bloodlines.’

Q. ‘Supernatural’ fans remember you well as the German Hookman from the episode ‘The Real Ghostbusters.’ How did the cast and crew welcomed you back to the set.

A. ‘Supernatural’ is such a great set to walk on to. Everyone is so chilled, friendly and super professional. So it was a very warm welcome then we got down to business pretty quick. ‘Supernatural’ fans are also the dedicated and fun. I'm really happy and proud to be part of that family.

Q. How did you react to being cast not only in the ‘Supernatural’ episode, and do you hope to be cast in the spin-off?

A. I loved my time playing the German Hookman...such a fun character. After we shot the main scene the entire crew kept saying " Yah, follow up..." Every time they needed to ask a question. It was pretty funny. So I was thrilled to be asked back to play another character. Playing Professor Graham was equally as fun for different reasons....most of which I sadly can't really tell you ‘cause I don't want to be the spoiler guy! However, working with Nathaniel was great and I was happy to meet Lucien ...good guys; ridiculously handsome, good guys. It was also really great working with up and coming Vancouver actor Darla Taylor. She's a super talented, beautiful and funny. A pretty awesome combo. I can tell you that no creepy ghost kids scalped me this that's good news. Of course I'd love to return in other episodes of ‘Bloodlines,’ but I don't know anything about that yet.

Q. Tell your fans about your upcoming TV movie ‘A Fairly Odd Summer’ due out this August as well as any other projects that you have in the works.

A. ‘A fairly Odd Summer’ is going to be awesome. It's the next installment of the film version of the massive cartoon hit, ‘Fairly Odd Parents.’ I play the dad of the two new kids who will have fairy god parents. It was a really fun shoot and I got to be a pretend husband to my crazy talented friend, Ali Leibert. We had such a good time being nutty, over the top parents of these two amazing child actors. I did a super fun Disney, talking dog movie last year ‘Super Buddies’ and I may be shooting another one this summer. Always a ridiculously good time. I shot a really funny short film I'm very proud of called ‘Irregardless.’ Check out ‘Irregardless’ and my weird and charming webseries ‘The Movers.

Q. Do you have any hidden talents?

A. I was actually a musician long before I went into acting. I love metal...sweet , sweet metal. I also mostly do live improv comedy. That and music are my two favorite things to do in the world. I perform all the time at the Vancouver TheatreSports League. I'm also currently touring a ridiculously hilarious improv show called the Comic Strippers. We play a group of male strippers doing a comedy show. It's been a huge hit here in western Canada and in Australia last year. It's an explosion of ridiculousness...kind of like my life.

Q. If you were a baseball player, what would your walk up song be? A. It would probably be ‘Tornado of Souls’ by Megadeth. When I did comedy shows on a ship with The Second City, I’d blast that in my tiny cabin before each show.

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