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Interview with Su&Dom Cosplay

Pictures from Su&Dom Cosplay's Facebook page
Pictures from Su&Dom Cosplay's Facebook page
Eurobeat Kasumi Photography

In less than two weeks from now, the Texas Showdown Championships 2014 event will take place here in Houston, Tx. Featuring many of the top players from the state and surrounding areas, competitions will be held for 17 of the most popular fighting games in the gaming community. Also featured will be anime and gaming vendors and some of the most popular cosplayers from Houston. Among them will be the sisters of Su&Dom Cosplay. I had a chance to catch up with them this past Friday and asked them a few questions about themselves and the event.

Domjiji as Lilith and SuWan as Morrigan from Darkstalkers
Elysiam Entertainment

Examiner: SuWan, this is your second appearance at Texas Showdown, how was your experience last year?

SuWan: It was really fun, the crowd was very enthusiastic. Even when I was on stream, the viewers were all so into the event. I was shocked at seeing international players at the event, and seeing the amount of fans there were outside of the event.

Examiner: What are you two most excited to see at this year's Texas Showdown?

Domjiji: I really want see all of the tournaments!
SuWan: I'm more of a people watcher, so I wanna see everybody, their reactions and such. I like seeing the big comebacks as well.

Examiner: What costumes are you planning to wear at the event?

SuWan: Friday is going to be a surprise. But Saturday, we will be dressed up as Chun-Li and Sakura from Street Fighter

Examiner: What are your favorite fighting games?

Domjiji: I like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter 2, the Marvel vs Capcom series, and Tekken Tag 1.
SuWan: Mine are Soul Calibur, Smash Bros., and Bloody Roar. Although some of those characters were pretty out there.

Examiner: What new character is most interesting to you in the new USF4?

Domjiji: Rolento, his low jab makes me laugh, its like he's playing pool. SuWan: Elena, for some reason she just appeals to me.

Examiner: Are there other new fighting games that look interesting to you?

Both: Definitely the new Smash Bros.

Examiner: What is your favorite costume?

Domjiji: My favorite right now would be the current one I did, James Kidd from Assassin's Creed Black Flag.
SuWan: I don't really have a favorite, all the cosplays I've done are each something I really wanted to do.

Examiner: What are your next cosplay plans?

Domjiji: The Boss, Screaming mantis from Metal Gear. SuWan: Castlevania, Old Dracula, Carmella.

Examiner: what is your next event ya'll are attending?

Both: A-Kon in Dallas, Anime Expo, then San Diego Comic Con, and then maybe NYCC.

Examiner: What event would you like to go to if money wasn't an issue?

SuWan: I'd love to go to Toyko Game Show, E3, or Otacon, and maybe Cosplay Summit.
Domjiji: E3 and Eurogamer.

Then the interview was over. You can see both of these lovely cosplayers at Texas Showdown Championships 2014 on Friday April 4, and Saturday April 5 at the Crowne Plaza Galleria location. Follow them on their Facebook page for more updates on their latest cosplays and appearances. Also check out Texas Showdown's website, Facebook and Twitter for registration information and the latest news on the upcoming event. Follow me on my Twitter and Facebook for the latest on anime and gaming events in Houston.

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