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Interview with Sheila Jackson, author of 'Where Was God?'

Where Was God?
Sheila L. Jackson

We welcome Sheila Jackson, author of the Christian fiction romance suspense, Where Was God? Their Hearts Burned to be Together, to the Virgina Beach Publishing Examiner today. Sheila lives with her family in Shreveport, Louisiana. She is an anointed speaker, teacher, and writer that utilize her gifts to carry the Word of God to those in need of spiritual soul food. Sheila has penned two, inspirational non-fiction books, The Enemy Within and Through the Eyes of God. She has also written several inspirational and social articles for a local newspaper and magazine.

Thank you for this interview, Sheila. Can you tell us a little about yourself and how long you’ve been writing?

I am a wife and mother first. I work as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist in Shreveport, Louisiana. I am an author of three published books. The Enemy Within, Through The Eyes of God (both non-fiction), and Where Was God (my first novel). I have been writing for seven years and have loved every minute of it.

Can you tell us briefly, what your book is about?

Where Was God is a book about redemption, it deals with a young woman overcoming many of life issues we are faced with today. Fayth Angelica Hope is a young woman who, her mother despised since birth. She’s physically, mentally, and emotionally abused, which carries over into her adult life. She turns her back on the church and her family who she thought was supposed to protect her, her faith, and love. With the help of a young man by the name of Jasion McCoy, he teaches her how to love and forgive those who have wronged her.

Why did you choose your particular genre?

I chose Inspirational/Christian fiction because I love the way the words inspire and move the readers as well as myself to become better.

What was your greatest challenge writing this book?

Creating a world that is believable. In order for the readers to get into the author’s story, they have to see the place that the writer is trying to get them to believe exist. I think that was the most challenging part for me.

Are you published by a traditional house, small press or are you self-published?

My book is signed with a small press, Concerning Life Publishing.

Was it the right choice for you?

Yes, I’ve heard from other author friends who are signed with larger publishers; say that they sometime get lost in the shuffle of the more popular authors. For me, at this moment in my writing career, a small press is the right choice for me.

How are you promoting your book thus far?

Through social media, on-line sites that promote books, my personal website, a blog tour, and by my own leg work.

How is that going for you?

So far, it going well, but time will tell. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll regroup and try something else.

Can you tell us one thing you have done that actually resulted in one or more sales?

Yes, I did pre-orders at my job and church, which gotten me decent sales.

Do you have another job besides writing?

Yes, have a Bachelor’s degree in medical science. I work at a local laboratory in my hometown as a Clinical Laboratory Science.

If you could give one book promotion tip to new authors, what would that be?

Try getting the word out about your book yourself, first. No one knows your book the way you do.

What’s next for you?

I am working on my second novel that will be out by the end of 2014. I have plans to re-release my first two non-fiction books in the future.

Can you tell us where we can find you on the web?

Yes, the readers can find my books at: Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and

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