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Interview with Sachin Sahel, star of CW's The 100

I got a chance to catch up with one of the stars of CW’s drama series, The 100, which airs every Wednesday from 9/8 central. Rising Indian actor Sachin Sahel, who plays a doctor’s assistant named Dr. Jackson on an international space station that harbors the only few survivors of Earth’s humans.

Sachin Sahel
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1) What made you pursue acting as a career?

I knew for a long time I wanted to do it, I was doing a lot of plays outside of school. Basically I can’t really remember a time where it’s not something that I wanted to do. But my parents were thinking, the Indian smart parents they were, they wanted me to do school first. So what I did is I went to University, I took Psychology so that I could take which any course I was allowed to take, with as many drama courses on the side, because I was a brat. Yeah, it actually ended up being a blessing in disguise. I think the University degree originally helped me, I think if I left right away before University I wouldn’t have treated the industry the way that I do now. It just gave a nice solid base, so then I just went to Vancouver and met a great acting coach out here, her name is Debbie Podowski, and things have been great ever since.

2) What kind of future did your parents map out for you?

They said: ‘If you want to act we’re totally okay with that. We’re going to give you a couple of books.’ They wanted to make sure that when I was speaking I could speak to people... I think they were thinking of the future in case there was a time I didn’t want to do it but I had some sort of backing where I could find something else I wanted to do. I’m sure that was in their heads, but they were totally supportive of it, they knew this is what I wanted to for a long time, so they were ready for me to go.

3) Did you ever think you would be working with Hollywood?

I did, yeah. It’s what I wanted to do. I have an uncle in Bollywood actually and for some reason in my head I always thought that we need more actors that are not portrayed as Indian guys, that can just be guys. Not that there’s anything wrong with portraying Indian people, sometimes I just feel like it’s either not done right or done for the right reasons. If we look at African American or Hispanic actors, they’re just guys in movies now, which is great. I love that we’re just looking at people as people. I think Indian actors need more people like and I happen to be one of them.

4) Who has been your idol growing up in terms of acting?

Well I did watch Bollywood movies a lot so it’s the obvious: Amitabh Bachan and Sharukh Khan. Those guys are very high on the list. I’ve always been a fan of Jeff Goldblum, everything this guy does I can watch him forever, in Jurassic Park or Independence Day. There’s Will Smith...Kyle Chandler is awesome!

5) Having starred in all these hit shows what’s next for you?

After we finish filming The 100 I booked a little on Jamie Lee Curtis’ new pilot. Guess what I’m gonna be….I’m gonna be a doctor. I’m fulfilling my mom’s dream one role at a time. And I just finished recording three voices that I’m doing for a new game coming out, I’ve always wanted to be a cartooner or the voice of something. It’s called Triad Wars, that should come out in a year or so, so that should be awesome.

6) What does your family think of your success now?

They’re excited, they have Sachin T Shirts and everything. They are the most supportive, loving, great people. My mom’s just happy I’m playing a doctor, my dad is a huge philosopher and is just really like: “You know if you live life happy in the right way, good things will happen.”


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