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Interview with Roger Mooking of ‘Man Fire Food’ on Cooking Channel

Roger Mooking host of Man Fire Food
Roger Mooking host of Man Fire Food
"Photo courtesy of Cooking Channel, used with permission."

Today, prior to Tuesday’s season premiere episode of “Man Fire Food,” this Examiner had the pleasure of speaking with Cooking Channel chef and music man, Roger Mooking. Roger’s season three episode premieres on Cooking Channel on Tuesday evening, June 3. Check your local listings.

Thanks so much for speaking with me today, Roger and congratulations on another year of your show?

Roger: Thanks so much Diane, I am in Kentucky doing an episode of “Man Fire Food,” and having an awesome time.

Well that is wonderful; I was going to ask you where you were calling me from. Kentucky is a beautiful state. I am anxious to see your show and will be doing the recaps for them on However, I confess, I was not a person who was too familiar with spices, but after interviewing several chefs, I’m widening my horizons. Do you have any suggestions for a person unfamiliar with herbs and spices?

Roger: Try one thing at a time. If you make roast chicken, grind up fennel as part of the rub, it will get you familiar with the flavor. Once you know the flavor, you can incorporate it into other foods. Then try coriander, and do the same until you build up a repertoire, then try mixing different spices for more enhanced flavors.

I am willing to learn and look forward to this lesson. Now that barbeque season is upon us, I will be using different rubs and shocking my family with concoctions that will surely surprise their taste buds.

Roger: They will love it.

I want to tell you that I read your biography, and you certainly accomplished so much in your life. You are an inspiration to people around the world. Your charitable work is amazing. Going to Cambodia and Bangladesh, had to be an awesome experience.

Roger: It is an awesome experience, sharing creativity with others is very important, as one shares, they also learn.

Is there anything you would like to share with your fans before the start of the show?

Roger: I am very excited as we work really hard to find inventive ways to use fire and go to some remote locations and run the gamut of cultures and how different woods enhance flavors. At the Barbeque Exchange they have two sandwiches, one is called Heaven and the other is called Hell. They will appear on Tuesday’s episode.

With all the food on earth, why would your last meal on earth by a hard-boiled egg and soy sauce?

Roger: Two ingredients are all one needs for an adventure, I grew up eating hard-boiled eggs and soy sauce, it is delightful, give it a try.

Thanks again, Roger, and I will send you the links on Twitter, when I write about the shows. Hope our next meeting is face to face. It was a pleasure talking to you today.

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