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Interview with rock band, Goodbye June; chat about sentimental band name, more

by Brett Sitte

From Indiana boys to Nashville Stars. Goodbye June derives from the loss of guitarist Tyler Baker's brother who passed away in a fatal car crash in the month of June. Out of the hardship of this tragedy came a musical sound that exudes charisma and emotion. Since their start, Goodbye June has toured the Midwest and even crossed the pond to rock venues in European countries. A style resembling old southern rock and lyrics reminiscent of parables from the new testament; Goodbye June keep the crowd swaying and singing, but never leave them unsatisfied. The band have been taking on the festival scene by storm, performing to large crowds at Forecastle Festival in Louisville, Kentucky, Live on the Green in Nashville, Tennessee, and Big Muddy Blues Festival in St. Louis, MO, among a number of venue performances.

Check out their video for their single, "Out Of Your Mind," located at the top of the page in the video tab. Find out what Goodbye June had to say about their band name, why they decided to form a band, influences, some of their music favorites and more:

I understand that you are based in Nashville, yet are from Indiana?

Goodbye June: We are from here or there but mostly come from Indiana.

So what made you decide to form a band?

Goodbye June: Well, we are all cousins, first cousins actually. In 2005, My brother passed away and both of my cousins helped my parents and I get through such a hard time. We then started playing music together and began to get better and better, and thats when it really started getting serious. It was June 2005 that he passed, and we decided to honor his memory by incorporating that into our name Goodbye June.

What influences your lyrics the most?

Goodbye June: We're what you would call “throwback guys.” We like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Bob Dylan, and of course John Fogerty.

So you guys are doing more festivals now. Are there more to come?

Goodbye June: Actually, we're working on a new album coming out soon. We do plan to do a few festivals here and there though. Possibly go back to Europe.

What is the difference between the crowds of fans in Europe and the United States?

Goodbye June: Night and day. Really the fans in Europe seem to be a little more into the music. They get rock and roll more as a whole and were much more energetic. They care about what you’re doing even if they don’t know who you are.

What was the recording process like when doing your new album?

Goodbye June: It was great; we met Paul Moak through mutual people and wrote the song “Daisy” with him; that was really the first time we met him, and we immediately clicked with him. We spent at least a month and a half in his studio working on new tracks. Paul has a really good way of approaching recording, and his style is just very natural. We really just seemed to mesh with him very well and it’s almost like he’s part of the band.

So when do you anticipate the release of your new album?

Goodbye June: We have over fifteen new tracks mixed and mastered but we want to put it out the right way, so to speak. But when it comes out it’s going to be awesome and have everything in its place. It takes time but it will all be worth it.

What is your guilty musical/entertainment pleasure?

Goodbye June: Honestly, we’re huge Harry Connick Jr. fans. He really is a good looking man. Mmmmm. We also like the “Harry Potter” series and as for television we love “The Walking Dead.”

What was your first album on CD, cassette, or vinyl?

Goodbye June: If I can remember, it was DC Talk Jesus Freak. Or a toss up between that and Jars of Clay.

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