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Interview with Rick DeJesus from Adelitas Way

Thanks to Kristen from EMI Music (Capitol, Virgin Records), I had the opportunity to interview Adelitas Way frontman Rick DeJesus. I've been a huge fan of Adelitas Way ever since I went to see them perform with Taking Dawn, Halestorm, and Theory of a Deadman at First Avenue back in January 2010.

Official publicity photos of Las Vegas rock band Adelitas Way
Official publicity photos of Las Vegas rock band Adelitas Way
EMI Music Publicity
Adelitas Way vocalist Rick DeJesus
EMI Music Publicity

Being one of the bands I wasn't familiar with, I downloaded their debut album so I'd know some of the music. After listening to that album non-stop for the few weeks before the show, they became the band I was most looking forward to seeing! They put on a great live performance, which is always key, because sometimes you hear a band that sounds good on the album but they're not that impressive live, or vice versa. I ended up getting to meet Rick after the show and get a few pics.

Along with Mikey and Andrew from Taking Dawn, he was there longer than anybody else, signing everything and chatting with the fans. It's always nice to see that, whereas one of the other bands (which I won't say) had a sign up that said to go to a website to find out how to meet the band. Screw that - if they're too good to just hang out after the show for a few without having me sign up for a fan club or buy something, I'm too good to visit their website, buy their merch or buy tickets to see them at their next gig.

That was then, and this is now. Adelitas Way just released their second album titled Home School Valedictorian and is embarking on the Carnival of Madness tour which starts in August. The tour will make a stop at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand on Sunday August 28th - which makes me excited indeed. While it's probably going to be 95 degrees and humid, that's no reason to miss what looks to be an exceptional lineup.

Going back to Home School Valedictorian, I was very concerned, because being that I'm a huge fan of the band now (I think Invincible is still my most-played song on last.FM), I didn't want their follow-up album to lose the intensity and depth of the first. Fortunately, I can say that's not the case. Not only has the album charted at #4 for Hard Rock albums on the Billboard charts, but it's a perfect progression from their self-titled debut. I've included the video for the first single Sick in this article, so definitely check it out!

Here's the first part of the interview with Rick. Check out the complete interview on TheyWillRockYou! I recommend visiting it at least 16 times a day to get your daily dose of rock. Anyway, here are a few random questions from the interview:

Q: What was the songwriting process like for Home School Valedictorian? Is it a collective effort between the entire band, or do the other band members work on the music and you write the lyrics, for example? Walk us through it.

It was very natural not a lot of pressure I just wrote what was going on in my life and put it on a disc, we have some songs like Hurt, I Can Tell and Cage The Beast, that were a band collab, I write lyrics and melodies and we just kinda jam it all out :)

Q: Let's talk about your personal history for a moment with baseball. As a huge baseball fan, I was equally surprised and impressed that you're a former baseball prospect. I'm curious which position you played and how good you were! If you stayed with baseball, do you think you could have had a career in pro ball?

I was a 3rd baseman and a pitcher, I was pretty good haha I think if I would have stayed dedicated I had a shot, I was def a dominating player haha.

Q: Speaking of touring, if you could have Adelitas Way could go on tour with any three bands, past or present, what would your "Dream Lineup" look like?

Metallica, Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, Shinedown, Adelitas way :)

Q: In the world of Rick DeJesus, aside from Adelitas Way of course, who are your three favorite bands right now? How about your favorite bands of all-time? Do you have much free time to kick back and check out new music while you're on the road?

Linkin Park, Metallica, and Shinedown, I’d say they are both. We definitely listen to lots of new music on the road I have a ton of new stuff on my ipod, I like a lot of the bands we tour with: Framing Hanley, Madam Adam, Taking Dawn, Me Talk Pretty, Digital Summer, there are a ton of great new bands.

Be sure to visit TheyWillRockYou for the entire interview! Find out Rick's thoughts about the Carnival of Madness tour, as well as what he thinks of Axl Rose, Roy Halladay, Nikki Sixx, Tyler Connolly, Barack Obama, Chase Utley, Kim Kardashian, David DeJesus, David Lee Roth, and even Zakk Wylde!

If you can't get enough of Adelitas Way and need a quick fix, check out their official website, Facebook page, or even Myspace. (They're also up to almost one million scrobbles on last.FM!)


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