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Interview with Rhonda Cratty on 'Learning at Home' (Photos)

On Feb. 15, 2014, author Rhonda Cratty, out of Denver, Colo., shared about a new parent resource in the form of a wonderful book called "Learning at Home."

Rhonda Cratty's "Learning at Home"
"Learning at Home" by Rhonda Cratty, Image: Courtesy
Rhonda Cratty's "Learning at Home"
Author Rhonda Cratty, Photo: Courtesy

Rhonda Cratty is a 30 year public school teacher veteran and a mother who raised children of her own. She is also a writer (Parenting & Education Examiner) and the author of "Learning at Home."

Here Cratty shares what her book in print and eBook format are all about!

I understand that your book is filled with ideas to help children become the best they can be. Is there anything special or fun about this book?

"In 'Learning at Home' there are daily activities for family fun. The activities make subjects become more than pencil and paper, moving learning into everyday life."

The ideas given in the book, an idea per week, can they challenge and motivate children?

"Yes they can. There are 48 ideas, four per month. They are educational learning ideas that can happen anytime and anywhere. Children can learn not only around the kitchen table, but also in the backyard and even on vacation!"

It is evident to see that this book, "Learning at Home," offers challenges everyday within the comfort of home and family, not just at school. Rhonda, what about the items needed for some of the activities?

"Children can use objects normally found around the home and also use books from any library. It's even filled with tips for family fun nights, holidays, trips and then some. With these everyday ideas it helps to raise lifelong learners."

According to Rhonda Cratty, each of the book's ideas can work with multiple ages and needs within a family, and there is "something" tucked inside the book too.

"Tucked inside the book are lists of family friendly books, recipes, homework help and games to extend learning. This book has 48 weeks of family fun and educational learning ideas."

Sample chapters on a few ideas of what to expect in "Learning at Home"

  • March #2-Share memories to improve comprehension -March #4-Teaching to summarize
  • April #1-Encouraging Critical Thinking -May #4-Basic addition and subtraction
  • August #3-Card and dice games -October #4-Pumpkin math skills
  • February #2-Writing skill -May #3-Backyard Science
  • June #1- Kitchen Paint -October #1-Autumn’s leaves
  • June #4-Historical literature -October #2-Higher order thinking
  • July #2-Family cooking -February #4-Following directions
  • March #3-Potential and performance -November #4-Crafty family fun

This Literary Examiner is already excited about "Learning at Home," and thinks others will be, and are already, as well. To learn more about the author and her book go to Rhonda Cratty, Fam Fun & Learn, CreateSpace and Amazon.

Enjoy above video on "Adele to Write Children's Book."

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