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Interview with Raychel Wade


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Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to interview Raychel Wade and ask her about her involvement in the La Prairie’s new colour collection, “Plumage de Nuit” and some of her expert makeup advice and tips.

L.G.: How did you get involved with La Prairie?
R.W.: A couple of years, I was in Lucky Magazine and Jaime Maser (La Prairie Communications Director) saw me and sent me some products for a company she was working for and that turned into a friendship.
Two years ago La Prairie was looking for someone to help teach their estheticians in their exclusive spas how to apply makeup. Their estheticians in their spas in Beverly Hills, in the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean were really good at skincare but weren’t quite sure how to do makeup. With my company, which is called “Cheek to Chic,” I teach a lot of people how to do makeup so it was just a natural fit. I traveled down to those spas and worked with La Prairie then. It was a really great experience- very positive. I really liked the way the company worked and the people that I worked with.
This year, La Prairie was thinking of new business ideas. Jaime suggested- “Why don’t we bring a makeup artist and personality to help launch the new Fall colors and just bring attention to the already existing color line?” I went in for an interview for the job and this is how it happened.

L.G.: How does La Prairie’s makeup differ from other makeup lines?
R.W.: One thing I really like about La Prairie’s makeup line is it’s very wearable. Right now we have a quad that has a really great peacock blue in it but it’s not so bright that you can’t wear it. You know a lot of our customers are very sophisticated and they aren’t going to go out and wear those crazy green fluorescent colors that some of the other lines have. We can still do those but they are just so much more wearable and approachable. It doesn’t look intimidating- that’s what I like about it. I very much believe that makeup shouldn’t be intimidating, this makeup line is not but you can still achieve all the looks that you want.

L.G.: What are some easy ways to freshen up someone’s makeup routine and keep it modern? What are some of the trends now?
R.W.: Definitely the illuminizing trend is not going anywhere. Our Cellular Treatment Illuminizing Face Powder, what it does is it refreshes your makeup. One of the tricks to really great makeup is in the finishing touches, the illuminizing powder gives your makeup that finishing touch.
Also accentuating your lashes like using different liner colors. Everyone gets stuck in the black versus the brown rut. We have navy, green and grey liners. I love using those to line the inner side of your eye and accentuating your lashes.
Those are some trends, using color for Fall is always popular but it doesn’t have to be so bold and out there. So you aren’t doing something you are not comfortable with.

L.G.: How can I look more well-rested even when I’m not?
R.W.: Good question, I talk about this a lot actually. I like brightening the eyes. There are a couple of ways to do that…I like using (La Prairie’s) Light Fantastic, it goes on your eyelid from lash to brow bone. I like the ones that have pink undertones that really brighten the eye. I do this to myself all the time, if I am running out to brunch or something and it may have been a late night the night before then I will stick some of that on and a little mascara and I am out the door.
I also apply a little shimmer in the corner of the eye. Also lining the inside of your eye with a little nude eye pencils (helps as well).

L.G.: What is the minimal skincare regimen that you would recommend to most women?
R.W.: Minimal, washing your face. It’s really important to get all of the soap off. Use a gentle washcloth makes a huge difference. Sometimes you can use a cleanser but you can’t get all your makeup off and all of the cleanser off. I find that when you run a gentle cloth under the water it really makes a difference. This is the number one most essential (part of a skincare regimen).
The second would be toner. It helps to keep the rest (of the makeup or soap residue) off. Then a moisturizer and if it’s just the essentials some kind of anti-aging serum. Then I would say a once a week exfoliating mask. Even though it’s not daily it really makes my skin feel revived and like it got a nice little shoe polish and scrub a dub.

L.G.: If you were trapped on a deserted island what 3 skincare products and 3 makeup products would you hope to have? Specifics please.
R.W.: For makeup, I would say Giorgio Armani’s Sheer Bronzer in #1, La Prairie’s Cellular Treatment Illuminating Face Powder and Dior Diorshow Mascara.
Skincare, the La Prairie Cellular 3-minute peel, Shu Uemura’s (Tokyo Kamon Girls) cleansers and Neutrogena (Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch) Sunblock for the face- it isn’t greasy and dries dry on the face. I like it because it doesn’t smell bad and it’s not oily.

L.G.: What’s the biggest mistake most women do when applying makeup?
R.W.: They don’t pay attention to detail- the finishing touches. Getting the eyeliner really close to their eyelashes, making sure their blush is blended. I always tell my clients “Blend until you are bored.” And you can do that in thirty seconds. It doesn’t mean that you have to add fifteen minutes to your routine. Those little details are what separate the men from the boys.

L.G.: What do you recommend for men who care about their appearance but not interested in investing a lot of time into it?
R.W.: A moisturizer with an spf is essential. Also they may be nervous using a lip balm because they think it might seems kind of feminine. But they can get a matte lip balm to protect the lips and keep them from becoming really chapped. It can become their signature thing that will remind (their significant others) of them. It’s like their signature move.
Good hair grooming products, every guy needs to know how style his hair. It makes a big difference. And an anti-razor burn product to keep the razor burn away is another essential.

Thanks to Raychel Wade for a really informative interview!

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