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Interview with psychic intuitive Beth Shelby

Beth Shelby Psychic Medium
Beth Shelby Psychic Medium
Beth Shelby

A big part of the paranormal world that is emerging today is the use of psychic mediums. Many shows on television have been created to not only showcase psychics in their ability to solve mysteries, but also many now have their very own shows. As the fascination grows for this ever growing phenomena, it is also becoming easier for us all to come into contact with mediums via the internet. Beth Shelby is fast becoming known among these avenues. Here is an informative interview in to what she does and how you can have a reading of your own.

Beth Shelby is a wife and mother from Michigan, that just so happens to also be a spiritually gifted Psychic Intuitive. She has been working in this field for many years and has developed many abilities during her journey. This question and answer segment helps us understand what she does and also will provide you with information on how to receive a reading from Beth of your very own.

Q: Hi Beth, first and foremost can you describe what it is you do?

Beth: I am a spiritually gifted Psychic Intuitive. I have spent many years working with my gifts to fine tune them so I am able to provide my clients with an in-depth and personal reading experience.

Q: Did you inherit your gifts?

Beth: I come from a family with no other psychics that I am aware of. My father was very intuitive and always KNEW what was going on but didn’t develop past that. So I was kind of the fish out of water.

Q: When did you first realize that you had your gifts and how did you respond to them?

Beth: When I was very young I had many experiences that were unexplained and my parents were completely unsure of what was going on. So I spent many of my younger years afraid of my gifts, but came to the realization in my twenties that I have been blessed with them in order to help others.

Q: Was it hard growing up having abilities?

Beth: I struggled A LOT in my teen years. They are really hard developmentally in so many ways, especially where you abilities are concerned. It was hard to not be able to share with my friends what I was really going through. But I did get through it with the help of an older psychic who took me under her wing. That is why it is so important to me to help others. I know what I went through; I know firsthand how hard it was to deal with.

Q: Has your abilities changed a lot in your lifetime?

Beth: As the years have gone by I have developed many different gifts. Some even I was surprised to learn I had. My abilities are: Intuitive readings, Mediumship, Healing, the ability to communicate with animals, Dowsing and the list goes on.

Q: Do you mentor others that are trying to develop their abilities?

Beth: I enjoy my abilities and have started mentoring other psychics in order to help them develop their own gifts. I have taught classes in Psychic Development and often hold workshops on developing many psychic gifts.

Q: What type of services do you provide your client base with?

Beth: I offer many services to my clients, such as readings via telephone or email, Psychic Development classes and Workshops, House Cleansings, Pet Reiki, and Dowsing.

Q: How may readers get in touch with you to secure your services?

Beth: I can be reached via my website:

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