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Interview with Providence raw vegan Celise Craig, part 2

Shelf of herbs
Shelf of herbs
Celise Craig

We’re back for part 2 of the interview with Providence raw vegan, Celise Craig as she lends her expertise regarding supplements, herbs and maintenance.

Living the raw vegan lifestyle
Celise Craig

Are supplements necessary for everyone?

In America, we tend to make programs that are ‘one size fits all’ but that is not possible in this case. Everyone is not on the same level health-wise, so this has to be looked at on an individual basis. The body is constantly learning, addressing and correcting damage done to it prior to any change in diet.

Two different people on the same raw vegan diet are not going to have the same supplemental needs. One may be able to get all of the nutrients from the food without additional supplements while the other may need them because his body is unable to absorb everything from his food. Repair of some of the damage from years of being nutrient deficient, genetic predisposition and diet prior to transition may play a part.

Are herbs vital to the lifestyle?

Herbs help clean and heal the body and give off energy. I’ve been ‘toying’ with herbs for a long time, but recently discovered that they are an integral part of the lifestyle; the huge part I was missing. Incorporating herbs daily has made the lifestyle that much more easy for me. Now I even infuse herbs into my water for maximum benefits, vitality and healing.

What advice can you give for maintaining the lifestyle?

Be gentle with yourself because change doesn’t happen overnight. Accept the ups and downs because they are part of the journey. Be realistic. Don’t be hard on yourself if you make mistakes or have days that are imperfect.

Preparation is key. It’s easy to fall back into old habits when you are not prepared. Make meals and snacks beforehand so that there is no junk to reach for.

Your mindset change to the lifestyle is what will sustain you. Research is your greatest tool and surrounding yourself with others who are on the same path is highly important.

The raw vegan lifestyle does not have to be an ‘all or nothing’ choice. The more raw a person is, the better off the body will be. Incorporating 1 or 2 more raw foods into your daily intake today is a move in the right direction for your body and overall health.

Celise is aiming at becoming 100 percent raw, but is not there yet. She is still working out her nutritional issues/deficiencies.

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