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Interview with pro skater Stevie Williams and his shoe from SUPRA the ‘Estaban’

Stevie Williams Pro Skater shoe Estaban
Stevie Williams Pro Skater shoe Estaban

“This is without a doubt my most style-driven and innovative design since my first pro shoe,” said Williams reflecting on his years of skateboarding and footwear design. “Growing up, I’d always wear three-quarter length mid tops. They’re the most stylish to me. The way they looked when I skated, with my jeans, when I was hanging out, they always looked the best.” The ESTABAN is a high performance signature high top with a simple contemporary design with clean lines and uninterrupted expanses of material, and features a dramatic net created from the deep, hopped lacing system. It rests on a lightweight suprafoam midsole that is cradled by a rubber outsole. The Stevie Williams signature Estaban will be available starting this July. To learn more, visit

Stevie Williams Pro Skater

The ESTABAN is available in grey and charcoal leather upper with black and white accents on a white midsole and glow in the dark outsole, or all red or black leather upper on a red or black midsole and outsole.

Retail Price

Glow In The Dark - $120

Black - $100

Red - $100

I chopped it up with the great skater and talked about his partnership with Supra and the skateboard culture:

How long have you been working with Supra? Tell us about what attracted you to the brand?

I've been working with Supra for three and a half years now. I've been a fan of the brand since the beginning in 2006. They always take it to the next level as far as quality and design, but the most important aspect of what the brand is all about to me is that Supra sets trends. There's a lot of originality behind everything Supra does.

What role do you think Supra has played in skate culture?

Supra first changed things in the skate shoe scene with the original Skytop by (Chad) Muska. That shoe took a lot of people by surprise. From there, Supra just kept on going. They followed the Skytop up with other styles that hit. As long as the quality is there, Supra isn't afraid to be out there. And as far as skate goes, Supra has built a great diverse team around the brand to make it even stronger.

How hard was it for you to pursue skateboarding coming from a big sports town like Philly where skateboarding probably wasn't as popular as say basketball or football? How do people treat skate in the city?

It wasn't easy. Philly is a tough city, but it also teaches you how to be strong. Skateboarding was my way out and a lot of people supported me along the way. The city is real and has a lot of love. Skateboarding is big in Philly now, and for me to be a part of that is great.

What does it mean to you to be named one of the top 30 greatest skateboarders of all time?

It's a blessing and a honor. When I see my name alongside other names that I've looked up to in the past, it makes me feel like I achieved so much. Definitely made my parents proud. When I first started, I would have never imagined this level of success. I'm so glad to be a part of skateboarding history.

Best and worst place to skate in your opinion?

Best would have to be Love Park, Emb, Pier 7, Pulaski, Lockwood, Macba, and Pallell. Worst place to skate is anywhere you're not skating.

Talk to us about this new Supra Estaban shoe. Can you tell us about it?

My new shoe is called the Estaban. It's a play on my name in Spanish. I love going to Barcelona to skate and hangout. That city has amazing things happening for it right now. Estaban became a nickname that fits my international swag. The Estaban shoe is a reflection of myself. Something unique and original for my fans. Supra is showing a different side to me in the new Estaban. The updated Stevie Williams! Lol.

For those who don't know much about DGK, what is it all about?

DGK is about those who come from nothing. Giving skaters an opportunity to shine when no one else will.

Biggest accomplishment thus far and your ultimate goal?

My biggest accomplishment I would say to date is maintaining my career. My ultimate goal is to build something that will mean a lot to this world.

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