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Interview with NYC hair specialist and restoration expert Dr Robert Dorin

Photo by Borja Sanchez Trillo/Getty Images

While most people can probably pick out a shampoo in no time at all, accidentally snagging a bad one can strip hair of protective oils, cause breakage, and even contribute to hair loss. NYC Hair Specialist and Restoration Expert, Dr. Robert Dorin, breaks down key hair care ingredients to avoid, explains split ends and dandruff.

Dr Dorin created Scientific Essentials’ Simply Scientific Hair Care System. The Simply Scientific Hair Care products are physician formulated using the best scientific ingredients to deliver healthy, vibrant, soft, and beautiful hair. While flawless hair may seem like a matter of chance, it’s really a question of science. With Scientific Essentials™, every day can be a beautiful hair day, while enriching your hair with the best ingredients.

What played a role in the ingredients you used?

As the products were formulated, I experimented with numerous ingredients to provide healthier, stronger and revitalized hair. Repairing the hair as well as protecting it from future damage was my focus. Producing immediate and long term results were also essential. By testing combinations of powerful natural amino acids, proteins, and vitamins and combining them with the powerful natural 18-MEA ingredient, I found our proprietary blend would work on all hair types and ethnicities. The products not only improved the individual hair's quality and strength but provided a vibrant and volumizing effect and left hair feeling soft. Maintaining this effect was key and ingredients were used to prolong the benefits while building the hair quality with repeated use.

What aspects of products should women take into consideration when purchasing products?

o High performance, quality ingredients and backed with professional results.

o Anti-aging hair properties where the product not only makes your hair look great, but repairs any damage and provides long term durability from styling, treatments and daily exposures. Superior Product experience and immediate results are also important. Long term hair protection and benefits.

o Products should not contain harsh material as cleansing is a simple gentle process but fortifying the hair and locking in hydration is essential, while building up the hair to make it stronger and look healthier.

What are the top 5 worst ingredients you can find in a hair product?

1. Harsh surfactants like sodium laurel sulfate and ammonium laurel sulfate dry not only hair but the scalp.

2. Silicones and heavy oils that only temporarily coat the hair.

3. Parabens as its the inexpensive way to preserve a product and does not belong in any personal care product.

How can women prevent those pesky split ends?

o Try to minimize harsh styling treatments such as routine extreme heat and chemical treatments used to color, bleach and perm hair. As these will damage and remove our hair's natural protective lipid layer (18-MEA) that is important for the integrity and health of our hair.

o Instead of using conditioners that contain silicone based products such as dimethicone and other heavy oils not naturally found in our hair; use a product that contains natural 18-MEA which fortifies and nourishes hair to rebalance its moisture and build up the cuticle and cortex.

o Try deep conditioning with powerful conditioners to replenish moisture and reconstruct hair while protecting it from future damage. By deep conditioning you can offer an intensive treatment for the hair. This will allow the ingredients to properly penetrate the hair cuticle for maximum hydration. By deeply moisturizing the hair, many forms of damage and dryness can be reduced. A deep conditioner treatment can be done once every third or fourth shampooing. For immense results, apply Scientific Essentials Conditioner after shampooing and leave on for as long as possible (usually 15-20 min). Cover your locks with a shower cap or hot towel to intensify the conditioning treatment, allowing the conditioner to penetrate and work even more effectively. After rinsing with cool water, the ingredients will seal the hair cuticle and allow for long lasting shine and softness.

o Using Scientific Essentials Conditioner routinely or Scientific Essentials Revitalizing Mist daily provides daily protection and leaves your hair looking and feeling great.

What is the cause for sudden onset of dandruff?

Dandruff is one of the most common dermatologic conditions. Although the exact cause is not known, there appears to be different types and contributing factors:

o Simple dry scalp/skin is the most common form of dandruff. This type produces tiny white flakes with an itchy scalp.

o Seborreic Dermatitis is another form that produces oily greasy skin/scalp and flakes are usually larger in size and slightly yellowish. Other areas of the body with oil glands can also be involved such as the sides of the nose, behind the ears, eyebrows, middle of the chest, and the groin region.

o People with chronic inflammatory skin disorders such as psoriasis, and eczema can produce a build-up of dead skin/ scalp scales that look rough and dry and flake like dandruff.

o Certain types of fungal infections (Malassezia) of the scalp can also cause the scalp to become irritated and produce extra skin of the scalp that flakes off as dandruff.

o Certain sensitivities to hair products causing a contact dermatitis can also produce dandruff as a symptom.

For the most common type of dandruff a gentle effective cleanser without harsh detergents followed by a natural conditioning agent such as 18- MEA will help mitigate the dryness and rebalance the scalp and hair’s moisture. For the oily greasy seborreic dandruff and the fungal infection causing dandruff, shampoos containing zinc and an anti fungal medication such as, Ketoconazol, can help reduce and control the dandruff. It is a good idea to see a physician if the dandruff does not respond within 3-4 weeks. Finally, eat a healthy diet rich in Omega Fatty Acids, Zinc, and Vitamins B and E . Not only will your healthy hair and scalp love you , but the rest of your body will too for their amazing health and anti aging properties!

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