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Interview with Natsuya Uesugi, author of grydscaen

Title: grydscaen
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Author: Natsuya Uesugi
Publisher: Xlibris
EBook: 288 pages
Release Date: July 21, 2011

Follow the lives of the main characters as they come together in the backstory to grydscaen:retribution, the first volume of the grydscaen saga. Faid is tired of life on the run in the Echelons, trying to keep his psychic power in check, he founds the Packrats establishing a safe haven for psychics. As a hacker he uses his jack to support his neurocyne habit. Lino is recruited by the Psi Faction and is sent on a mission to kidnap Faid. Riuho, Lino’s half brother becomes a prisoner of the Elite military and they experiment on him, train him and subject him to mind control, then send him out on a mission. On his return, Riuho is set on escaping and recruits Faid who hacks into the Psi Faction systems. They escape and return to the Packrats leading up to the start of grydscaen:retribution.

How did you come up with title of your book?

The title of this book is grydscaen: beginnings. The title grydscaen is a word that hackers use for the network. The term beginnings is because this book is the backstory to the first volume in the series and sets the stage for the rest of the books. The network is called the ‘gridscan’ when it is written it Packrat code it is ‘grydscaen.’

What is your writing environment like?

I have a few computers but there is a little corner of my apartment with an old Mac that I use when I proofread and write. There is a printer and a Wacom tablet that I sometimes use when designing grydscaen book covers. It is my little corner of my writing world. I also have my art work for some of the grydscaen characters stored in that area. It is a nice place to write even though it is in the main room it still feels like a quiet place until itself.

What are some of the best tools available today for writers?

I think there are a lot of formatting tools out there but I just use a standard word processor to write and format my books. I think the best tool for me this last time around was an old copy of the Webster’s dictionary.

What inspires you to write?

I have a message I want to get out of LGBT equality and anti bullying. I also support ending the stigma of mental illness. Grydscaen touches on a lot of these things and I try to house those ideas in a science fiction story in a futuristic environment. The message drives me because I think it is important to provide positive role models to today’s youth.

Did you learn anything while writing this book?

This particular book, since I have written a few now. I think I learned that I am not just a writer but a storyteller. The story pretty much wrote itself and I learned about me and the inner workings of my mind. I also learned a little bit about friendship and regarding the technology in the story I learned more about hackers. It was a great experience to be able to finish this novel in the series.

What is your favorite quality about yourself?

I think I am determined. I have never started something that I couldn’t finish. I like to challenge myself and my mind and strive for excellence. I try to ensure that I can achieve that which I set my mind to.

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