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Interview with 'Million Dollar Listing' star Josh Altman

Josh Altman
Josh Altman

Josh Altman may be the new guy on this season of "Million Dollar Listing," but his accomplishments in real estate are those of a veteran. Josh is one of the most successful real estate agents in Beverly Hills with clientele consisting entertainers, athletes, and other high net worth individuals from around the world. I spoke to Josh about the drama surrounding, him, Madison, and Heather; his thoughts on former "Million Dollar Listing" cast member, Chad Rogers; and what's to come this season of "Million Dollar Listing":

MZ: How did you get involved with "Million Dollar Listing"?

JA: I have some high-end celebrity clients, so my name kept popping up in conversations with producers. So after 4 or 5 interviews, I was offered the show. I kept debating whether I wanted to do it till the last minute, but here I am now.

MZ:You were on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," right?

JA: Yeah, for like 5 seconds. Who would’ve thought all of this would happen after 5 seconds [laughs].

MZ:You work for Hilton & Hyland, which is where former castmate Chad Rogers works. Do you know him well?

JA: I don’t know him well. I do see him around the office and think he’s a nice guy.

MZ: I saw your tweet about spending the Superbowl with Heather [Madison’s assistant]. So what did you guys do for Valentine’s Day?

JA: [laughs] No comment. You’ll definitely see how things play out between us this season.

MZ: Where is most of the drama this season?

JA: There’s a lot of drama with the homeowners this season, but there’s also a lot of personal life drama. Mikey is my assistant and my good friend, but you’ll see some conflict there. I think because all of our business styles are so different, you'll see arguments between Josh, Madison, and I.

Like with Madison, for example. You saw in the last episode that he did not get along with alpha-male client. My philosophy is you have to “mirror your client.” If he wears a suit, you put on a suit. If he’s a chill Malbu guy, you be a chill Malibu guy. My approach is different than these guys -- I would love to sit in a listing presentation and see who ends up getting it.

MZ: What kind of feedback have you gotten since being on the show?

JA: Feedback has been great. Everyone comments on how much they love my suits and dogs [laughs]. I think viewers like that I bring something different to the table in my aggressive business approach.

This show has also given me the exposure to work with clients nationally. Potential clients and those interested in co-listing, should check out

MZ: What do you think of Chicago?

JA: I love Chicago. It’s beautiful. It’s like a smaller, cleaner version of New York.

For more on Josh Altman, visit his site and follow him on Twitter. Catch season 4 of “Million Dollar Listing” at 9/8 CST Thursdays on Bravo.


  • kim23 4 years ago

    a really great guy! another successful real estate agent from Beverly Hills is Michael Libow. I found a beautiful house there with his help. I'm very satisfied.

  • Jennifer Goldberg 4 years ago

    Michael is the worst real estate agent in Los Angeles and in California. He bullies sellers and buyers! This person should be thrown out of the real estate industry and put in Jail for being indited many times for fraud and extortion.

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