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Interview with Mike Gendreau, Editor-in-Chief of Acts of Geek

Gaming The Game (Joe Lastowski, Ellie Hillis, Barak Blackburn)
Gaming The Game (Joe Lastowski, Ellie Hillis, Barak Blackburn)
Kim Fletcher

I recently caught up with friend of the column Mike Gendreau, Editor-In-Chief of the new geek-friendly site, Acts of Geek.

Michael Tresca (MT): Tell us about your site.

Mike Gendreau (MG): Acts of Geek aims to be a one stop website that features news and analysis about comics, games, pop culture, and all things geeky and nerdy. We've been active for a few months and have seen steady growth as we generate more and more content.

MT: How did Acts of Geek come about?

MG: Acts of Geek came out of a desire to continue doing a podcast that I had done with a couple of friends at a previous job. We always had a great time recording it, so we decided to get together and create We3 Geeks, our flagship podcast. From there, it just quickly evolved into the growing website it is today.

MT: Who is the Acts of Geek team?

MG: We're a motley group to be sure. Besides myself, we have Kim Fletcher who is really the heart and soul of the website. She handles all the visual and artistic decisions regarding the look of the site. She also contributes two of our weekly columns "Trailer Whore" a look at the various movie trailers that are released, and "Raising Super-Villains" a column devoted to raising your little ones as geeks. My two co-hosts on We3 Geeks are game designer Barak Blackburn and blogger Ellie Hillis. Barak writes about games in the "Game The Game" column and back issue comics in "Back Issue Bin" . Ellie contributes a weekly column focusing on the female side of fandom in "She Can Fly". Patrick Robbins is "GrandPop Culture". I reached out to Patrick shortly after starting the site because I have always enjoyed his viewpoint. I offered him a column, telling him he could write about whatever he wanted. I haven't been disappointed yet. We just added Joe Lastowski to the crew. He writes our Dr. Who column "Doctor...Why?" and a bi-weekly D&D column called "Draggin' Through Dungeons" In addition, we will be featuring material from the great Jack Kirby blog "Hand of Fire" by Eisner Award winner Charles Hatfield.

MT: "Geek" is a very broad topic. What does Acts of Geek cover?

MG: As you said “Geek” covers a broad list of topics, which is about as expansive as our current writing staff and their opinions. At present the team is focusing on comics, Doctor Who, D&D 5th edition and aspects of Geek Life. With the fall television premieres around the corner we’re planning on highlighting those which will interest geek-fandom. The team is given the freedom to write about what fancies them at any given moment, for those articles that don’t fit into a standard topics we have “Geek Misc.” Our youngest contributor, we call him “The Kid” gives our youngest perspective on all things “Wee Geek” and reminds us we all started our fandom somewhere.

MT: What do you think of the latest edition of Dungeons & Dragons?

MG: We extensively play-tested the Next rules and I was not a fan. We were also playing 13th Age right around the same time and I really loved that system. With the release of the Basic Rules and the PHB (which we were fortunate enough to get our hands on a copy pre-publication), I'm pleased they fixed a lot of the concerns that I had with it, but my heart still firmly belongs to 13th Age.

MT: What's next for Acts of Geek?

MG: We're hoping to add more content to the page, so if any of your readers are interested in writing for us, we'd love to talk. We're planning to start doing some video content, first up will be geek crafts and some board game demos. I have some grand ideas to eventually do some retail through the site and I'd love to set up a "shared world" fiction project at some point; something like "Wild Cards" or "Thieves World".

MT: Will there be any appearances at cons by the Acts of Geek gang?

MG: Nothing official in the next few months. We did distribute flyers at GenCon and Boston ComicCon promoting the site and podcast

MT: Where can we find out more online?

MG: Check us out at, on Facebook at, Twitter at @ActsOfGeek, and our podcast is available on iTunes at

MT: Anything else you'd like to share?

MG: Just that we're looking to expand and would love to have some fresh voices contribute to the site. If folks are interested, feel free to reach out to me at

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