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Interview with Michael Goffinet, author of 'The Call Me Superman'

They Call Me Superman
Michael Goffinet

Everyone dreams of having Superman powers, don't they? You mean you can't remember standing on the rooftop about to jump with your mother on the ground screaming at you to come down before you fall? Hopefully, that wasn't the case, but I know we all ran around with capes, I know I did. I have an interesting guest today. Michael Goffinet is here to talk about his new action/thriller, They Call Me Superman.

Thank you for this interview, Michael. Can you tell us a little about yourself and how long you’ve been writing?

I live in Las Vegas with my wife of 20 years and my teenage son. After graduating college, I went into the business world, never dreaming of writing a novel. In fact, I didn’t even read novels earlier in my career. I became an avid reader of novels fifteen years ago, and then became consumed with action thrillers. I found myself constantly thinking about different book plots and characters. I developed Marcus Evans on a sleepless night and he grew from there. I finally found the courage to put pen to paper.

Can you tell us briefly what your book is about?

Marcus Evans is a new kind of super hero. Born with superhuman strength, he is compelled to join the Army Rangers, where his abilities create an unique assassin against the war on terror. After his stint with the Rangers, he joins forces with reclusive billionaire Robert Sinclair, who has been his mentor and father-figure since the age of sixteen. A whirlwind of action-packed adventures leads Marcus to the discovery of an alien spaceship that unlocks secrets about his life, which will shock him to his very core, secrets that Robert has been hiding from Marcus his entire life.

Why did you choose your particular genre?

I’m a big action thriller fan. You should write what you enjoy.

What was your greatest challenge writing this book?

Making sure the novel flowed properly. There are numerous actions scenes occurring in several different countries.

Are you published by a traditional house, small press or are you self-published?

I went with a small press.

Was it the right choice for you?

The jury is still out. You lose so much control it can be very frustrating.

How are you promoting your book thus far?

Website, Twitter, Facebook, and Blog Tours.

How is that going for you?

It’s the first month, so I really don’t know yet.

Can you tell us one thing you have done that actually resulted in one or more sales?

Putting it out on Facebook.

Do you have another job besides writing?

I’m a part-time real estate investor.

If you could give one book promotion tip to new authors, what would that be?

Have a presence on the web.

What’s next for you?

I’m currently working on the next Marcus Evans novel. I don’t have a title yet.

Thank you for this interview, Michael. Can you tell us where we can find you on the web? Go there and get my free short story “Karma’s A Bitch.”

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