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Interview with Manny Caso as 'Manuelvis' (Photos)

On March 21, 2014, celebrity tribute artist, dancer and model Manny Caso shared some of his background and recent experiences in 'Elvis style.' Caso, out of Miami, Fla., is known as "Manuelvis." One of his latest projects includes a recent national TV commercial!

Entertainer Manny Caso
Manny Caso as "Manuelvis" Photo: Courtesy
"Manuelvis" Photo: Courtesy

"Elvis Presley was a singer, musician, and actor and regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century. He is often referred to as 'the King of Rock and Roll,' or simply, 'the King.'" - Wikipedia

Manny Caso is, like Elvis was, a professional when it comes to being an entertainer.

Manny, how did this all begin, you as Elvis Presley?

"I unexpectedly was chosen and hand-picked by Priscilla Presley (former wife of Elvis) to be the model in her fragrance ads. Also, I modeled in an award-winning poster as Elvis.

Since then I have done music videos and TV commercials as Elvis. I am more focused now as an Elvis tribute artist, and I most recently added 'singing Elvis' to my repertoire. Too, 'Manuelvis' is my stage name!"

Did you always portray Elvis?

"No, I was and still am a professional dancer and model, plus I portray other celebs as well. I've 'been' Elvis (50s, 60s and 70s Elvis) for over a decade, but back then I was only 'the look.' I have greatly expanded into more of this amazing legend!"

What has changed as far as "being" Elvis?

"My wardrobe and other details of his look are perfected. Readers can view my photos to see what I'm talking about."

Didn't I see you in a TV ad recently?

"Yes, you might have. I portrayed Elvis for 'American Icons' Macy's campaign. Plus, earlier this year, myself and a few other 'Elvis' tribute artists, shot a jeans commercial in Miami. I happened to be featured (close up) in it too. All we did was walk across the street, in our white Elvis jumpsuits, pass a model wearing the company's jeans, and then we looked back at her. It was amazing!"

Do you have any final words, for today that is?

"Elvis may have left the building, but he will always remain in my life. I like to think, through my portrayal of him, that he's in others' lives too, time and time again!"

Thank you Manny Caso for taking the time to share with us. We look forward to future news about you, Manuelvis, and more!

Enjoy above video on "The Life and Career of Elvis Presley."

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