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Interview with makeup artist Jenny Lor

Very recently, I had the chance to interview Jenny Lor, a rising makeup artist who resides in Wisconsin. Although new to the industry, she’s made some amazing progress. Her Youtube link has had many hits and not only that, but she’s been offered a position as a Makeup Artist for the first time alongside a very well-known photographer.  Along with her answers to my questions, here are some samples of her work.
Houa: What makeup brand do you use?
Jenny: I mainly use drug store products which you can find anywhere from your local Wal Greens, Wal Mart, Target, Etc..I also love using Nyx cosmetics and ELF products also. Beautiful looks that can be created at a very affordable price.
H: What is your new favorite spring color?
J: My new favorite spring color would have to be lime green and pink
H: How do you come up with makeup ideas?
J: A lot of my make up ideas are similar to what I see on actresses, I then change the colors and work around with what I have. I also use fashion to help me with make up looks also.
H: What inspires you?
J: I've always loved make up growing up as a child, however I never really knew how to work with what I had until one day I stumbled upon Michelle Phan's Work on youtube, I love her work, I love everything about her. I look at make up as being an art which you create yourself on your face.
H: What has been the biggest achievement for you?
J: My biggest achievement would be me going back to school, education is always the number 1 thing, and I'm glad I'll be finished very soon.
H: What do you consider as flaws?
J: Flaws are what you see yourself and feel the desire to not like something about it. Everyone has flaws, it's not what others think of it, it's how you will attempt to work around it.
H: What’s your advice for achieving a flawless look?
J: Flawless looks comes with flawless skin. You don't need to use expensive products, I simply use something as simple as Johnson's baby lotion for moisturizer everyday

All makeup done by Jenny Lor


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