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Interview with Little Rock pet photographer : Lindsey McMurren-Riggs

Lindsey chose this picture to be posted with the articles.
Lindsey chose this picture to be posted with the articles.
Lindsey McMurren-Riggs

In a recent interview with Little Rock pet photographer Lindsey McMurren-Riggs, several questions were asked of her that I thought we would all like to know from a professional. Here is the interview:

Q1: What is your favorite aspect of photographing pets?- I'm an animal lover and have had all sorts of animals around me throughout my life - cats, dogs, horses, goats, pigs, etc. I currently have three dogs, that I love like my children. I particularly enjoy working with dogs, as they are the most interesting and unpredictable. It is a lot of fun to capture a dog's personality in a photograph. Cats are fun to work with, but they can be a bit more finicky.

Q2: Are you willing to photograph all types of pets?- Yes, as long as the animal allows me to work with them, I am fine regardless of the type of animal. Some animals are spooked by my camera equipment and it is best knowing that about an animal before going to a shoot. I like to make the pet comfortable with me first, before taking out my equipment.

Q3: Do you visit homes to photograph pets or do they have to be brought to your studio?- It is always best to photograph an animal in his/her own environment, so I visit homes to do the shoots. Outdoor sessions with animals are the best, if possible.

Q4: What advice would you give others wanting to photograph pets?- I would advise them to take their time. You cannot get a good shot working with an animal for just a few minutes. You have to wait for the right moment when the pet is being himself and ignoring you and your camera - or waiting for the animal to have just the right expression or response to you as a photographer.

The interview ran a little long, so a second article will be posted with the remainder.


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