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Interview with Lead Designer and Producer, Dave Wishnowski, of Pro Wrestling X

I recently sent some questions to Dave Wishnowski, the lead designer and producer of the independent wrestling game "Pro Wrestling : Uprising" for the PC. This man started as a wrestling game fan and one day decided that he wanted to contribute to this genre himself. This is when "Pro Wrestling X: Upwrising" was born.

Cesey bodyslams Canadian Destroyer. Players can wrestle on balconys and outside the ring.
Pro Wrestling X: Uprising

SD: First, please state your name and title on Pro Wrestling X.

DW: My name is Dave Wishnowski and I'm the lead designer, producer, and toilet scrubber on the Pro Wrestling X project.

SD: You are working on PWX: Uprising right now. When is it going to be released?

DW: Just a few more months if all goes well.

SD: The full version of PWX is going to be your title. Any ideas that will be in that game that won't be in Uprising? Have you started working on it yet, even if it is just small things such as notes?

DW: Uprising is a very tight little game. The full Pro Wrestling X game will have a proper create-a-wrestler feature and story mode. Of course, the full Pro Wrestling X will be bigger in every way. More characters, more venues, more moves, more match types. We're currently laying the ground work for the game engine.

SD: I know that you were a lifelong wrestling fan. Just like many wrestling fans, you dreamed of making a wrestling game. You went to message boards and complained about the newest wrestling games on the market. However, you did something about it as you started a company to make a wrestling game. Can you elaborate on your experiences of thinking about making a game?

DW: Well, it was certainly a much more challenging experience than I bargained for. See, I didn't take the typical indie route of learning the ropes myself and building a little wrestling game without a team. I set out to build an actual studio with a full time development crew to help realize my dream wrestling game. In doing so, I learned more than I think any business school could have taught me, particularly with regard to managing people. I certainly have changed my view of the business world since I went from being an employee to being a business owner. Running a game studio is 95% management and administration and if you're lucky maybe 5% actually working on the fun game design tasks. I'd do all over again but I'd certainly do a lot of things differently. I can't complain though. I'm in a really good place with PWX.

SD: I posted my personal best wrestling games of all time. What are yours?

DW: Oh that's easy! No Mercy, hands down. Followed by an obscure Dreamcast game titled Giant Gram 2000 from Japan and then Mat Mania, an old arcade game from my high school days.

SD: What have you incorporated of those games into yours?

DW: From No Mercy we learned how we like a game to flow with regard to the striking and grappling mechanics. It should be simple to pick up and play but deep as well. From Giant Gram so far we've only paid tribute to the side grapple position. But the only thing we incorporated from Mat Mania was a flying body press.

SD: If someone is looking to purchase a wrestling game soon. Why should they choose yours over the WWE titles?

DW: I don't think anyone has to choose at all. WWE games do what they do very well these days. But if someone wants a great little wrestling game on their PC instead of PS3 or Xbox 360 then they can pick up our game as well. Plus, PC games always have the fun addition of modding characters and other aspects of the game.

For fans in the Western MD region, check out Elite Pro Wrestling and Championship Pro Wrestling for your wrestling fix. Follow me on Twitter for more updates and read related news below.

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  • Sherri Thornhill-National Genreation X Examiner 4 years ago

    Good interview!

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