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Interview with L.A. Pins Shepherd, times two


Also the artist, this time with a giant hotdog.

Part the Second

Earlier this week (I know, I said "tomorrow"...) I posted the first half of an interview with Lindsay Anne Shepherd.  So here is the second half, plus some pictures of her work as a slideshow!  She has a great blog, too.

Q.  What parts of your life most influence your art?
A.  What influences me most are the people I am surrounded by.  Many of my works are about actual memories that I have had with the people I love or ideas given to me by the people I love.  Coming up with pictorial ideas has always been the most difficult part of the process for me, so sometimes I will ask a friend to give me an idea, and I will go with the very first thing that comes out of their mouth.  It's funny to me, because a lot of my friends always talk about how uncreative they are, but in my opinion, they come up with the most genius ideas!  It is because of this that I almost think of my work as a collaborative effort because a lot of the time my work is based off of a friend's idea.
Q.  What goes into the process of making one of your collages? 
A.  The process of making a piece always starts with some kind of idea.  I usually don't sketch it out, because I am not that organized!  The colors I imagine in my mind are the colors I try to choose when I am at the craft store. I use mostly plain colored sheets of paper, but often throw in a patterned sheet or two to mix it up.  And from there I cut out all the shapes by hand, and build layer upon layer, until I feel the collage is finished!  What I can't quite figure out is how my artwork is so precise and clean while every other aspect of my life is exactly the opposite. Anyone who knows me knows that I am very messy and unorganized with everything else in my life!
Q.  How long does it take you to make one?
A.  The process can take anywhere from a couple days (for the small pieces) to a couple of months for the larger ones.  They can be very time consuming and are extremely meticulous.
Q.  What have you been up to lately?
A.  In the past month I have relocated to a studio on 5th Avenue in the Arts District called Picture This, which has already presented me with many great opportunities.  I will be having a show in Fido, located on the Hillsboro Village strip, From November 1st to December 13th, so be sure and make a visit!


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