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Interview with Keith Wallace as LL Cool J and Randy Jackson (Photos)

On Jan. 25, 2014, actor and celebrity lookalike Keith Wallace announced that he has added, in celebrity style, a new look to his repertoire!

Keith Wallace as LL Cool J close up
Keith Wallace as LL Cool J close up, Photos: Courtesy
"American Idol Team"
"American Idol Team," Photo: Courtesy

Not only is Wallace an actor, but he has also appeared as "American Idol's" Randy Jackson. Now this talented man has taken on portraying even another celebrity. His new look is that of rapper, entrepreneur and actor LL Cool J!

Wallace, who resides in Naples, Fla. and is a celeb in his own right, has been busy lately in pre-production concerning the film "Midnight." had the opportunity to interview Keith Wallace when he announced his new co-starring role in the film. The film is a remake of John Russo's "Midnight." It was only fitting, as well, that this Celebrity Lookalike Examiner follow up on Wallace's "other side" of the entertainment biz!

When not being an actor, college student, personal trainer and model, Keith Wallace finds time to be a celebrity impersonator (lookalike and tribute artist).

"Acting is my first love, and all the 'other' has just kind of fallen into place. When people think you look like someone, and that look results in a gig, well, you do it!"

"Do it!" is exactly what Wallace has already done when it comes to Randy Jackson. As seen in slideshow he has paid tribute to that musician, along with the rest of the "American Idol" team.

"Randy Jackson, by the way, is a bassist, singer, record producer, entrepreneur and television personality. Jackson is best known from his former work as a judge on 'American Idol' and executive producer for MTV's 'America's Best Dance Crew.' Jackson is currently a mentor on 'American Idol' and has won a Grammy Award as a producer." - Wikipedia

Wallace on giving entertainment advice.

"You have to show flexibility and be open to all roles. This will show casting directors and agents your broad range of skills. My past acting roles and my being a celebrity lookalike proves that. Everything I've been a part of has helped to launch my career!"

To learn more about LL Cool J, Randy Jackson, Keith Wallace and Joe Majestic, the producer of "Midnight," go to James Todd Smith, Crystal Bowersox, "Midnight" (1982), John Russo on Facebook, Keith Wallace and Joe Majestic.

Enjoy Keith Wallace here at YouTube, at Short High Speed Action Saga (Violence) and in slideshow. Also enjoy above video on "LL Cool J's 'Men's Fitness' Cover Shoot."

Note that Keith Wallace's photos give a good indication that he is quite fit as well!

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