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Interview with Keith Wallace on acting, school and new film role (Photos)

On Jan. 22, 2014, actor Keith Wallace announced his new co-starring role in a film remake of John Russo's "Midnight."

Keith Wallace
Keith Wallace, Photo: Courtesy
Keith Wallace
Keith Wallace "shooting" on location, Photo: Courtesy

The film, currently in pre-production, will be a remake of the 1982 original horror film. It is scheduled to begin filming this year.

Wallace, who resides in Naples, Fla., had more to say about "Midnight" and its producer.

"I've been working with the film's producer Joe Majestic. He is from W. Va. and will be in Fort Myers soon.

A film and TV organization in town, UFTA, hopes he will be their guest speaker while he is here."

Wallace shared about his first acting experience and favorite gig.

"My first film role was a real test as to whether I really wanted to get into acting. I was asked to dress in drag! The film was 'Tacklebox' (1999) with Lou Hernandez as director.

One of my favorite gigs was a TV commercial shot in Tampa. I must have planned and acted out the video audition well, as they ended up casting me for the part. My agency, Emerge, was the one who contacted me on that gig.

Now, I'm excited about this upcoming film!"

In addition to acting, Wallace is also a personal trainer, model and spokesperson (who is teleprompter proficient) as well as a college student. One can see, from his busy acting and studying schedule, that he learned from others' advice.

"I'm in my last semester at Hodges University in the Criminal Justice Bachelor's Program.

From my past acting experiences I was given all the necessary tools and advice from everyone in the business."

When it comes to the acting side of the "biz," Wallace gave some advice of his own.

"Advice for getting into acting is that you have to be willing to accept the role that you are picked for in order to break into the business. You have to show flexibility and be open to all roles. This will show casting directors and agents your broad range of skills. My doing the 'drag role' proves that, and it helped to launch my career!"

To learn more about the original horror film, Keith Wallace and Joe Majestic, go to "Midnight" (1982), John Russo on Facebook, Keith Wallace and Joe Majestic.

Enjoy "all things" Keith Wallace here at YouTube. Also enjoy video above on "Horror Movies."

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