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Interview with Kansas City psychic Mimi Mateos

Mimi Mateos
Mimi Mateos
Mimi Mateos

When she first entered into the field, Kansas City psychic Mimi Mateos was hesitant to use the word "psychic" when describing herself. Now she is much more comfortable with the word and through education hopes to remove some of the stigma around the label. Mimi believes that psychic awareness is a gift that we all possess and it is our decision as to whether or not we choose to develop it.

"Everyone can access this gift and we all use our intuition everyday and all of the time whether we are aware of it or not," says Mimi. It was a series of intense life situations that took her to some very low places that led her to develop and use these skills to help others.

She believes that using intuition is choosing to develop a muscle that in time will improve and get stronger. Her purpose for sharing her gift is to help people tap into their own subconscious minds and bring to their conscious awareness information that will help them to lead better lives.

"I am simply the vessel that Spirit uses to shine light through to call something to someone's attention so that they can explore their subconscious and receive more insight. I am like a tour guide taking pictures that I then reveal back to the client so that they can be more accountable for the decisions that they make in their life. How people move through situations helps to create the outcomes. However, whether or not people use the information that I give them is strictly up to them."

Mimi receives this information through her intuition and through the use of tarot cards and she offers readings in Spanish. Soon she will incorporate Akashic information into her readings that will give her clients extra information as to how their past lives might be affecting their present life.

In addition to readings, Mimi teaches yoga either in her home or yours or at Crescent Springs Healing Center in Overland Park on Tuesday and Saturday nights. She is also on staff and offers yoga at Children's Mercy Hospital and Shawnee Mission Medical Center. Her healing techniques also include Reiki, an energetic healing system that works on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels and is 100% natural.

For more information about Mimi Mateos and the services she offers, call 913-221-1967 or visit her website at