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Interview with Julian Rosado-Machain, author of 'Guardians Inc.: The Cypher'

Our guest today is Julian Rosado-Machain, author of the YA fantasy, Guardians Inc.: The Cypher. Julian has enjoyed pizza in three continents, worked in graphic design, armored vehicles, built computers, handcrafted alebrijes and swears that he has seen at least one ghost. He lives in San Diego, California. And enjoys the sun with his wife, three children and cat.

Thank you for this interview, Julian. Can you tell us a little about yourself and how long you’ve been writing?

Thank you for the opportunity! I’m always at a loss about how to describe myself…mmhmm, overweight (I just quit smoking!) but happy all around. About the writing, I’ve always been writing but I just started showing it to other people and publishing these last two years.

It could be that English is my second language and my were’s and where’s get constantly confused.

Can you tell us briefly what your book is about?

It’s action adventure in the world just beneath our world, where (or is it were?) faeries, magic and mythology have been pushed to but are waiting to come back with a vengeance.

Guardians Inc are the gatekeepers and Thomas, my lead character, is a Cypher that can help the Guardians keep the lid shut on those creatures.

Why did you choose your particular genre?

The freedom it gives me, I mix Fantasy and Sci-fi a lot, especially in Guardians Inc. where the conflict is Magic vs.Technology, it gives me a big playground.

What was your greatest challenge writing this book?

The language! But not writing in English per se, but thinking in English… Spanish and English have completely different ways of structuring sentences, so I usually find myself thinking in Spanish and then translating into English, Thank God for editors!

Are you published by a traditional house, small press or are you self-published?


Was it the right choice for you?

I don’t know! Guardians Inc. was a pet project that is quickly becoming the base of my career, so, I think that I should have tried to go the traditional way, and actually I am trying now to do it. While Guardians Inc. is doing great, I think that is easier for traditional houses to reach the Middle grade target audience.

How are you promoting your book thus far?

Bloggersphere and ebook ads, and some of the newsletter services like Bookgorilla out there have been very useful.

How is that going for you?

The Blogosphere is great! The ads not so much, the Newsletter services while expensive, have been a good way to get the word out.

As with all things, word of mouth is the best advertising and thankfully my readers have liked the series.

Can you tell us one thing you have done that actually resulted in one or more sales?

All of the above, thankfully the market and the readers have liked Guardians Inc. A big boost in sales, though, was a visit I did to a school were I left Bookmarks with the Guardians Inc. information

Do you have another job besides writing?

Not anymore I don’t. I owned a restaurant for ten years, and while it is incredibly satisfying work it also is backbreaking and long, long hours… at some point I realized that I wanted to live a little with my family too.

If you could give one book promotion tip to new authors, what would that be?

Spend some money! If you believe that your book has the potential and quality to be out there don’t put it “out there” just outside the door! GO OUT THERE! Reach out to people that know what they’re doing and reach out, yes it will cost money, but you’ll get it back!

What’s next for you?

I am working on book 4 of the Guardians Inc series, but also on a children’s book series that I’m planning to finish this year. I went from 12 to 14 hours a day in restaurant management to full time writing so I do have the time to write!

Can you tell us where we can find you on the web?

Thank you! Sure! Here is the website:

and the facebook page:

Happy reading!

Guardians Inc.: The Cypher is available at Amazon.

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