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Interview with Joshua Hibbard of ‘Ink Master’ on Spike

Josh Hibbard and Me at Ink Master After Party Season 4

Today, prior to Tuesday’s season premiere of “Ink Master,” titled, “Inking with the Enemy,“ this Examiner had the pleasure of speaking with Josh Hibbard via phone. Josh is so nice, I felt that the other contestants were bullying him on Season 3, like kids in school, and hope that he finds redemption on this season.

Where are you calling me from?

I’m back home in Portland, and back to work.

I want you to know that in Season 3, I was rooting for you.

Well, thanks very much. Diane, I appreciate it.

What is the feeling when the artists first walk into the competition?

Whether or not they would admit it, I feel that everyone is a bit scared, as they are being challenged by their peers, and any one of them can be better or worse on any given day.

I totally felt that you were bullied throughout the competition by many of the other competitors, and I admired the way you stuck up for yourself.

The $100,000 prize is a life changer for many of the artists, and once the Ink Master psychology hits, it is difficult when everyone wants the same thing.

I was very lucky to attend the Ink Master after-party, and get to meet in person several of the competitors from last season. I was truly rooting for Sausage to win, did you have a favorite?

I was hoping that Halo won the whole thing.

What amazed me, was after meeting the artists, nearly all were so nice, and not as portrayed on television, and I was happy to meet with you in person after the season finale on May 20th, and I wish you the best of luck on the new season, and will send you my recap each week.

Thanks very much, Diane, I will try my best. Please stay in touch.

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