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Interview with Jody Rife, author of 'Quirgles' book for face painters, part 2

Ohio face painter Jody Rife grew up loving the magic of drawing at her Dad's enormous drafting table. She's been enchanting children and adults with her face painting ever since she fell in love with it herself after her own daughter was face painted. Her latest project "Quirgles" is a book which she published in collaboration with the "Illusion Magazine" team.

Jody's Quirgles were the result of a creative challenge from the "Illusion Magazine" staff.
Jody's Quirgles were the result of a creative challenge from the "Illusion Magazine" staff.
Jody Rife
Jody and two of her Quirgle designs.
Provided by Jody Rife

Q: What was your inspiration for the Quirgles?

Jody: My inspiration for the Quirgles, many times, are the children themselves. Some are silly and sweet; some are shy and quiet; some are wiggly and loud. My husband was the inspiration for one (Griftor the Fluffy). Also, animals in general were inspiration. Dragonflies, animated and Quirgle-ized, turn into Dragonfurgles!

Q: When was "Quirgles" released?

Jody: "Quirgles" was officially released on February 10, 2014.

Q: Can you share a little about the creative process for the book and your experience in making it?

Jody: One thing I always say to Julie and Claire from "Illusion" is that I am enjoying this whole process! It has all been so new and wonderful for me. When we first began, I had maybe nine designs in a notebook. I knew I would need more, as some wouldn't be just right. Better to have too many than not enough. So I got to work drawing as many new designs as I could, considering along the way, at the suggestion of Julie, some questions. Where would the creature live? Would it fly, bounce, or crawl? I also would sometimes jot down a little story to go along with them and of course make up wild names to go with their personalities.

Finally, I set out to get busy painting. I would make dates when I would have a few models come over and just hang out all day, having pizza and waiting to be painted again and again. I took so many pictures of each step. At first, I didn't take enough, and some would be out of focus, only leaving a good final photo or a good beginning photo. Then I bought a new camera and, it didn't take as nice photos as my old camera, and we had to toss out all of those images because the quality just wasn't there. It was very important to Julie, Claire, and me to make sure that this book had beautiful, clear, high quality photos and be high quality in every other area, too.

Even on days that all of the paintings and pics that I had done just couldn't be used, we dusted ourselves off and learned from mistakes and started again. Eventually, I was able to take the exact pictures that would work for the book and everything fell into place.

It was so much fun to see the drawings from my notebook come alive on my models. We would sometimes go to different locations to get the very best photos. We went to a local art museum that has a beautiful garden, a local park with a beautiful creak, and right here in my own back yard with its rolling hills.

Aside from painting the Quirgles, some of my favorite moments were when I would sit down with my family and try to come up with Quirgle names. Sometimes it was easy, but if I was stuck, I knew I could ask them and they would just start tossing silliness my way.

If you'd like to find out more about Jody Rife's face painting or her new book "Quirgles," stop by her website and meet the Quirgle critters and enjoy her galleries, which include face art, belly art (for pregnant women), and body art. Jody also offers classes designed to help face painters hone their skills.

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