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Interview with Jens Ludwig of Edguy, talking Space Police, Falco

Guitarist Jens Ludwig and vocalist Tobias Sammet were 14-years-old in 1992 when they decided to start their own band. In an era where grunge music was seeping out of the woodwork like black mold, these two young men chose to pair elements of classic, glam and power metal into the unique sound of Edguy. For 22 years the duo and the band as a whole have remained true to that vision of paving their own way. This month, Edguy will release its 10th studio album, “Space Police: Defenders of the Crown“, once again produced by Sascha Paeth.

Edguy returns with Space Police
Nuclear Blast

This week, The Examiner and Metal Nation Radio spoke with Ludwig about the band’s history, the making of “Space Police: Defenders of the Crown”, the choice to use a double title for the new record, the decision to cover Falco‘s “Rock Me Amadeus”, the albums that changed his life, and how the songwriting process works in Edguy.

“Space Police: Defenders of the Crown” continues the Edguy tradition for combining powerful riffs and melodies with irreverence and humor. Songs like “Sabre & Torch” and “Defenders of the Crown” showcase some of the band’s heaviest works, while “Space Police”, “Love Tyger” and “Do Me Like a Caveman” recall some of their catchiest, most melodic and tongue-in-cheek efforts to date.

Check out the full interview above and pre-order “Space Police: Defenders of the Crown” now.

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