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Interview with Jellaine Ross, the CEO of Cherry Blooms

Full and fabulouse lashes!
Full and fabulouse lashes!
Courtesy of Cherry Blooms

What if I told you that you can get 300% thicker eyelashes without gluing on fake ones or a trip to the salon? If this sounds appealing then Cherry Bloom’s Brush on Fiber Lash Extensions is the product for you. Achieving dramatically long eyelashes at home comes in a two piece kit with three easy steps. Another perk is that this product is all natural and won’t cause any harm to eyelashes. Since the main ingredient is beeswax, a natural antiseptic, the product won’t dry out or bread bacteria the way regular mascaras do. It can last up to three years! If you're not sold yet the cleanup is breeze and won’t give you the dreaded “panda eyes” look. Simply use warm water and a cotton ball remove.

Cherry Blooms is a brand based in Australia and it’s making its way to the USA, their distributor plans to take it to 60% of the country. Cherry Blooms made its first appearance at this year’s New York International Beauty Show where they sold out their products.

Founder and CEO of Cherry Blooms, Jellaine Ross, had wanted start her own business since she was 12-years-old. She confessed “While I was in corporate I realized I didn’t want to be working for other people’s brands and building their brands, I wanted to build my own.” Build her own she did and Cherry Blooms has earned her The 2013 Telstra Women’s Business Award and a nomination for Cosmopolitan’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010.

I got to chat on the phone with the bubbly entrepreneur about her brand and products that are revolutionizing the beauty game.

How did you come up with the name Cherry Blooms?

The name Cherry Blooms started when I was 24 and I was working corporate, and I was always dreaming about owning my own business. So my first name is actually Cherry … and it was a time when I was sort of blooming and developing ideas ... so the name Cherry Blooms came about. I was blooming at that age of 24.

What inspired you to start the brand?

All the products that I developed were products that were missing in the market place. I’m always looking for the best of everything and I couldn’t find anything to make my lashes long, and I tried 15 brands of mascara and none of them gave me what I wanted. I tried the eyelash extensions and it was just not something I wanted to do long term. So I always develop products that I need and I know that other women need. There are gaps in the market as far as products, so I’m the one coming up with solutions as far as everyday problems women have. That is why my products are really game changers in the category that they are in. So they are not just like a product that does one thing or the same thing as everything else on the shelf, it actually does three to five things that products don’t generally do. So I’m really about game changing products that really revolutionize that category.

What sets the Brush on Fiber Lash Extensions apart from similar products?

So usually to get long eyelashes you have to wear a normal type of mascara, all of them claim
to do the same thing but none of them really deliver what they publish. All the other things you can do is get them glued on at the salon or wear strip lashes, but there are so many negative reasons why people don’t do it anymore because it irritates their eyes, it's very time consuming, and very expensive. There is not a stable service people can do long term. My product is that middle product that you can do at home. It's all natural, it's portable, and you get the same result as false lashes. So that is why people are jumping on it, because there is really nothing else like it. A lot of beauty people use the lash extensions at the salon and after a few months they realize that their natural lashes are being compromised so they are forced go back to regular mascara products. All the mascara products, they just don’t do the same job. You’re not going to get 300% longer and thicker lashes like my product.

Tell me about beeswax, the main ingredient.

The main reason why our product really works is we use a high concentrated form of beeswax … that is why it stays on all day and you can wear it for a few days even. It has a really good staying power. That is why we pride ourselves on being the best in the market and a lot of our customers who tried imitations or cheaper concepts are not happy with the results they got, because the formula was not the same as what we use now.

Can you tell me a little bit about the Grande Lash product?

When you can actually grow your own natural lashes, you really get a more dramatic result. ... The Grande Lash product is one of the bestselling eyelash growth serums in the US. ...This is the only product that made my natural lashes grow. The two products together as a system, is the only answer to safe long eyelashes. There are a lot of similar things out there in the market that have claimed to discolor peoples’ eyes, and it is a lot of negative side effects and this is the only one that is natural, that does not have any of those bad side effects. That’s why we really like it as well because it’s all natural.

You have a healing lip gloss coming out as well, can you tell me about that?

We have other products as well, the healing dragons blood, it is sort of like an ointment or those high moisture lip balms. This one has color and you can use it as a lip gloss, and it also has a really handy LED light and mirror so it’s got more features than a typical lip gloss, so it's like three things in one. The dragons blood is the special ingredient, it also has other high moisture ingredients like shea butter and vitamin D, but the dragons blood is what sets it apart. Dragons blood is a special type of tree sap that actually helps heal cracked skin and cracked lips. It is a special ingredient that, none that I know of, in the market have.

Cherry Blooms is available at some salons across the US and online at When your friends are buzzing about your luscious lashes, don't tell them it's none of their beeswax, it's Cherry Blooms.

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