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Interview with Jack Bullard on 'being' Jack Nicholson (Photos)

On Jan. 11, 2014, in celebrity style, Jack Bullard shared with about his full time professional career, that of paying tribute to actor Jack Nicholson!

Jack Bullard
Jack Bullard as Jack Nicholson, Photo: Courtesy
Jack Bullard
Jack Bullard at Jack Nicholson's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, Photo: Courtesy

This talented celebrity lookalike enjoys "being the other Jack," although family comes first.

"On a personal note, I married last year. She (C.J. Morgan) is also a professional celebrity tribute artist, and we met at a lookalike convention. C.J. pays tribute to Dolly Parton as "Almost Dolly."

The two of us have moved to Las Vegas, we support each other in our work, and sometimes we even get to work together!"

In addition, Bullard is seen with other celebrity lookalikes. One of them is Stu Gordon, a Danny DeVito lookalike. (see slideshow)

Bullard's Jack Nicholson face and voice are spot on and hard to forget!

"When I work as a celeb lookalike one of the things I've discovered is that I'm easily recognized. I'm also well remembered as "The Official Jack Nicholson Impersonator" for The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado."

Bullard, as Jack, not only works a variety of gigs that include cooperate events, parties, meet and greets, and more, but he has been one of the characters in the film "Just About Famous."

"I attend celebrity lookalike or tribute artist conventions. One of them I most recently attended in Orlando, Fla. was the Sunburst Convention. It's the one where C.J. and I met.

We talent have the option, at such a convention, to showcase and network. Plus we meet agents and producers. That is how I got involved in the film. The 'Just About Famous' crew shot me, and others, during the whole convention.

In Nov. 2013, at Sunburst, the production team did a screening of the film. It was great!"

As one can tell by now, this handsome tribute artist has an uncanny resemblance to that of Mr. Nicholson, and when seen he makes everyone do a double take. This Celebrity Lookalike Examiner has met Jack Bullard, and he is one impersonator who is hard to forget!

"By the way, it's said that Jack Nicholson is retiring. I'm here to say, 'Retiring? Not THIS Jack!'" - Jack Bullard

To learn more about Jack Bullard and C.J. Morgan visit their wide selection of links. Also view video footage and more, by going to YouTube, Jack on Facebook, and C.J. Morgan as Dolly Parton Tribute Artist on Facebook.

Enjoy video above on "Top 10 Jack Nicholson Performances."

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