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Interview with Iverson Dental Labs-A resource for people searching for a dentist

Many people want a dentist that they can trust, offers affordable prices, and has top quality services and products but do not know which office to visit. Business Examiner heard that Iverson Dental Labs is a leader in dentistry. To find out just exactly why this company is set apart from other dental offices read this Q&A that Business Examiner conducted with Taylor Iverson, Art Director at Iverson Dental Labs. Why was Iverson Dental Labs created?

Taylor Iverson: To provide quality dental products to dental professionals nationwide. What kind of company is Iverson Dental Labs?

Taylor Iverson: A dental prosthetic manufacture and dental service. How long has IDL been open?

Taylor Iverson: Since 1991 Is IDL a family owned business?

Taylor Iverson: Yes, it is but it is a professional corporation not a mom and pop shop. How is Iverson Dental Labs changing the dental industry?

We are pushing digital dentistry implants, the future of dental practices. Which services and products do most of your customers frequent your business for?

Taylor Iverson: Bruxzir full Contour Zirconia, e.max, and implants. What does your full service lab include?

Taylor Iverson: We do crowns, bridges, removables, and implants. How did IDL become recognized as having exceptional customer service?

Taylor Iverson: IDL's turn- around time and next day shipping. What is the usual turn-around time?

Taylor Iverson: 5 days in lab. How much lower are IDL's prices than other companies?

Taylor Iverson: Our prices are comparable to competitors with added value. What kind of implants do you carry?

Taylor Iverson: We restore all brands of dental implants. How are the cases of the month that are found on IDL's webpage chosen?

Taylor Iverson: Our general manger chooses a case each month. Is there a charge for technical advice?

Taylor Iverson: No.

To learn more about Iverson Dental Labs visit their website

To view some useful information on IDL and digital dentistry watch the video above.

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