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Interview with Ian Rotten

Jerry "The Worm" Wisemen sat down with Ian Rotten and a few special guests, Mad Man Pondo, Mickie Knuckles, Jo Bailey and Billy Gram. Ian Rotten and IWA-MS are set to return to the wrestling world April 8th. They have said that they will be returning to Chicago soon.

Did Ian Rotten sell pills to JC Bailey?

Ian Rotten had an affair with Mickie Knuckles?

The Mickie Knuckles benefit show raised 800, how much did she get?

What did Ian Rotten EXACTLY say about JC Bailey?

Does he make it a habit of paying some of his workers with drugs or pot?

Was the Mike Levy incident a work?

"I'm not dodging anything."

"First of all, I have done some messed up things, but I have done more for the wrestling world than you two (Jo Bailey and Jerry Wisemen) ever will."

"I was going to kiss my son goodnight and she (Mickie Knuckles) got all up in my face in my hallway."

"She's just his godmother and that's just the way it is."

"You lied to Patti about f*cking me for five years."

"She (Mickie Knuckles) said I did something. I said I didn't. That's the end of it. You can either believe it or not believe it."

"I owe Bull Pain 250 dollars."

"I went out and got a real job so I can take care of things."

"We haven't put anything new out in 7 months."

To listen to the full show click here:


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