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Interview with hot young ‘Supernatural’ guest actor Kurt Ostlund

Actor Kurt Ostlund
Ryan West

Kurt Ostlund has an incredible photographic memory that will no doubt help him in his very bright future in acting. Already well known for his role in the Disney’s TV series ‘Mr. Young,’ this Vancouver born actor guest stars in tomorrow night’s ‘Supernatural’s episode called ‘Mother’s Little Helper.’ Ostlund chats about his experience on set as well as his exciting upcoming role in the horror film ‘Grace’ directed by Jeff Chan.

Q. My readers would love to hear how the cast and crew welcomed you to the set of ‘Mother’s Little Helper.’

A. The set was amazing. I’ve made it—I’m going to be on Supernatural. The vibe was great. I guess during the day Jared and Jensen had been pranking Misha with pies in the face twice. I remember seeing him go up to the lunch cart with pie residue all over his face. On set, everyone was having a really fun time with Misha directing. Everyone had been working together for so long it’s a well oiled machine. Misha seemed really comfortable and it was easy and fun and no stress at all. Oh, and Jared Padalecki is the nicest person I’ve ever met in my entire life. Jared is huge and is literally the tallest actor I’ve ever met. I enjoyed playing the character of Billy and the experience was fun.

Q. Tell your fans about any projects that are you currently working on.

A. I am in a horror picture called ‘Grace’ directed by Jeff Chan with a lot of really cool people in it. This week I’m starting on TV movie called ‘Truth and Lies’ Starring Emily Tennant who I worked with on ‘Mr. Young’ for almost two and a half years.

Q. Do you have any other hidden talents?

A. I guess you can call it a hidden talent—I’ve just started getting in to voice acting. I’m really good at doing voices for cartoons. Everyone says I’m good at it and it’s fun. I’m good at video games. I play a lot of ‘Dota 2’ and I spend way too much time on that. I have a freakishly good memory. When I did some of my scenes for ‘Supernatural,’ I barely had to look at my lines as I had them memorized from the audition. It’s pretty handy.

Q. I'm going to end with what's become my signature question. If you were a baseball player, what would your walk up song be?

A. There’s this song I listen to when I work out with really heave base in it. The first minute is so intense. It’s a song called ‘Raw Charles’ by Basenector. It’s a good pump up song.

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