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Interview with hot young actor Giles Panton from ‘Supernatural’s' ‘The Purge’

Actor Giles Panton
Karolina Turek

Vancouver born hot young actor Giles Panton will be officially joining the ‘Supernatural’ fandom Tuesday in the highly anticipated episode ‘The Purge.’ Panton studied acting in New York and already has quite the impressive filmography. Loved by anime fans as Commander Keith from ‘Voltron Force,’ he’s known for the films ‘Voodoo,’ ‘Damage,’ and the amazing upcoming film ‘If I Stay.’ Also a very talented drummer fans will definitely be seeing a lot of this up and coming actor.

Q. Will fans love or love to hate Deputy Cooper on 'Supernatural's episode 'The Purge?’

A. I think fans are more likely to love Deputy Cooper. He's a small town cop with a little chip on his shoulder, but his heart's in the right place.

Q. No surprise, fans just crave all the information they can get. Do you have any juicy stories that you can share from your experience with the cast and crew?

A. ‘Supernatural’ has an amazing team. Jensen and Jared are really great to work with. We had a ton of fun. Towards the end of the night they started making up lines to try to get me to break out laughing in the middle of our scene. I did my best stone face to keep from cracking... but when they finally called cut the whole set was laughing out loud. Phil Sgriccia's a fantastic director as well. I loved the whole experience and would work with them again in a heartbeat.

Q. What can you spill about your upcoming projects ‘Ring by Spring,’ ‘Toxin,’ and ‘If I Stay?”

A. ‘Ring by Spring’ is a sweet romantic comedy. I love this movie. It was enjoyable on so many levels. Even the wardrobe was a blast. I had the distinct pleasure of wearing one of the most amazing yet ugly dad sweaters on earth. I wish I'd taken it with me. ‘Toxin’ is an intense thriller which deals with the outbreak of a particularly vicious virus. That was lot of fun. Lots of running, shooting, and fighting on everything from airplanes to abandoned military bases. ‘If I Stay’, my lips are sealed on this one...but I will say that the cast and script are outstanding. Chloe Moretz and Stacy Keach are powerhouses. This is going to be such a beautiful movie.

Q. Your fans would just love to know if you have any hidden talents.

A. I'm actually a drummer. For a little while I was debating between a career in music or in film. I've been drumming for a long time. I was in several bands, toured, and even had songs on the radio. There was one day in particular that I really felt like a rock star. I shot an episode of a TV show in the morning and flew that same afternoon to meet my band on tour. I went straight from the airport to the stage. It was pretty amazing.

Q. I'm going to end with what's become my signature question. If you were a baseball player, what would your walk up song be?

A. Remember that movie ‘Inception?’ That soundtrack gets my blood pumping. I'd definitely be a force to reckon with at the plate if that played me in.

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