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Interview with Floyd Norman: Advice from the animator of 'The Jungle Book'

Disney's Story writer and animator Floyd Norman. His first project, The Jungle Book
Disney's Story writer and animator Floyd Norman. His first project, The Jungle Book
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A family favorite and classic movie, "The Jungle Book" is now available in Diamond Edition including Blu-ray, DVD and digital copies. The Diamond Edition includes several bonus features including 2 hours of behind the scenes interviews with Disney animators, sing alongs and even an alternate ending. But the Houston Family Examiner brings to you even more bonus features including an interview the animator Floyd Norman.

The Jungle Book Diamond Edition now available
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Some Disney movies have been criticized for having "scary" characters, however in "The Jungle Book" the family may find Shere Kahn, menacing but not frightening making this a more enjoyable movie experience for the whole family. When I spoke to Norman about this particular difference in the Disney movie, he replied that, :It was meant to be a light film, enjoyable, without a great deal of darkness. Walt wanted a comedy; not as dark as other Disney films. It's one thing he was adamant about. He wanted it to be full of joy, happiness and a fun romp."

As a parent I wanted to know if Norman had any advice for aspiring story writers or animators. He said that he gets that question a lot when he is teaching. He has several pieces of advice for aspiring writers, which a parent you can encourage and make happen.

"I let the story take me where it wants to go. The fun part of being a story teller is even though I know everything that is going on and is going to happen, you need to let it happen naturally."

The next time your child tries to talk to you about what's going to happen next in a book or movie, that's okay, no need to stop the spoiler alert. They may be learning best how to tell a story.

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Norman continues with "Let the creativity take control." Are you children making up stories and songs and acting them out? Who know they may one day be a master story teller or best selling author. Let the creativity take control and enjoy the stories they make up.

"There are no shortcuts or easy answers, but love what you do and let things happen," Norman advises. "Get to know everything, experience everything, don't learn just one discipline or travel to just one place, experience as much as you can and the more you learn the more it enriches your creativity."

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