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Interview with Eric Jurin, Vice President of Automated Business Products

Eric Jurin Marketer
Eric Jurin Marketer
eric jurin

Eric Jurin, Vice President of Marketing at Automated Business products was kind enough to allow me to interview him about what it takes to be a superior leader in Marketing. Selling an image and being committed to that form of work is an art in itself and it has the multi beneficial option of seeing your results and seeing your influence as your work progresses.

Throughout Eric’s life he has had to earn the trust of others, and earn his own way through school and life. He did not get everything handed to him on a silver platter and I find that most impressive about this humble, soft-spoken man who is considered one of the best in Marketing.

Eric has had to consistently learn the value of money at an early age due to the fact that while privilege and wealth were constantly surrounding him in his busy upbringing in Potomac, Maryland his parents were divorced and he did not have the economic options available to him that many of his peers and classmates did in those times.

Eric went to Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland where parents occasionally handed their sixteen year old child an older version BMW or Mercedes Benz to drive to school and home, they didn’t always have to work a job in order to pay for the gas either. Eric had to begin working at the age of fourteen back at Mario’s Pizza on River Road so he could earn enough money to buy a very cheap and old yellow Datsun to get around town in.

Later it took Eric eight years to work and put himself through University of Maryland as he humbly worked his way through school as a bar tender at Durty Nellie’s and at Georgetown’s Winston’s restaurant and bar on M street. He took out no loans for college and made it through on his service jobs to pay for his education at University of Maryland.

Eric felt that the lessons he learned by having to earn that money, made him into the person he is today. Not everyone is as committed and dedicated to paying their way through college and being grateful about it as well, But Eric learned that money could give him freedom and independence to achieve the things he always wanted to do.

Back then, state run schools were affordable and it was possible to manage college tuition on waiting tables and taking classes part time. This taught the youth a valuable lesson about achievement without debt and if you wanted an education it was possible to obtain this by living frugally, in a shared rental house, taking on two jobs and taking classes part time.

The future for this situation may be a distant dream for so many people nowadays. School is so expensive, loans are almost inevitable as part of a college future. Are there even jobs after college? No one knows anymore, but determination and motivation may be the driver in some people. Perhaps that motor which drives some people to success is more important than the actual college degree.

Since Eric grew up mostly without the money he could have for luxuries, he wanted everything, he was completely inspired to do whatever it takes to put him in the perfect working situation and learn how to succeed. How to do it well, how to rely upon himself and earn his way into the job market and impress people with his own life experiences.

After college he went into technology, IT and started with the dotcoms to attempt to make his fortune In new products and sales with all the ideas flying over the internet. Online technology seemed to be what he landed into, hardware servers and monitoring servicing seemed to be what interested him the most. Product data and how to sell himself and other products online was where he seemed to end up. He learned quickly that using digital images and well written text were the key to better selling products and people. There were strategies to online selling and he adapted to the better ways to sell. Search engine optimization was the best way to market a product, business or person. There is a strategy to market ideas and the internet provides a very large playground in which to practice these strategies. There are ways to get people and businesses noticed and he uses these strategies to get his clients on the front page of google, yahoo and bing search engines.

During his college years, Eric also invested in a hotel that is owned by Tommy Bernsdorf in Costa Rica. Eric is still working towards becoming a better surfer and Hotel Rancho Coral is in a prime location which offers an incredible retreat from his sixteen hour working days behind a desk.

Eric feels that social media if used correctly has the ability to be a very powerful and effective marketing tool. The future holds many unknown ecommerce solutions and Eric hopes to continue to grow with his company to keep acquiring new clients and services and to impact marketing and IT technology as he continues to work harder with better technology and to become a more effective, efficient worker in his company as he markets the best of the best.

The Costa Rica hotel is called Hotel Rancho Coral and please be sure that you check it out. It is an amazing place to learn how to surf, to take in the sun and learn about the culture of Costa Rica, or just spend a few days relaxing in the sun and taking an awesome retreat from the real world of infinite work.

So check out Automated Business Products at 11999 E. Caley Street in Centennial Colorado with executive offices in Denver, Colorado. Their telephone number is (303) 407-3260. They help many organizations with their business products and have excellent reviews by the Better Business Bureau.

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