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Interview with Donna Fay: 'The Beauty Expert' gives the beautiful scoop

Donna Fay works her beauty magic
Donna Fay works her beauty magic
Carol Ruth Weber

Growing older does not mean one has to give up and give in to ageism. With wonderful experts such as Donna Fay to lend her knowledgeable advice anyone can look as young as they feel. Donna Fay takes her title as "The Beauty Expert" very seriously believing that everyone deserves to get the most truthful "Beautiful Scoop" on how to feel the best about themselves.

Donna Fay creates beauty magic
Carol Ruth Weber

Donna Fay spoke with me about what has driven her to become "The Beauty Expert".

As a L.E Licensed Esthetician with a continued medical background, Donna Fay Graziano takes the world of beauty seriously. When speaking with her it is evident that she loves making people feel wonderful about themselves, not only on the outside but on the inside as well.

Sitting with Donna one can see how she is truly one with beauty, I asked her "At what age did you know that you wanted to do what you are doing?"

Excited about the question Donna immediately responded "When I was a young girl! My mother was in the beauty industry and we would always play with makeup! I would give her facials and do extractions."

After having so much fun growing up with her mother in the industry I questioned Donna "How did you get started?"

Donna spoke about how she was in the Dental field for many years explaining "While working as a consultant with people and their teeth I would always study their skin and facial structure."

So many people can inspire someone in their life's journeys I asked of Donna to tell me "Who has inspired you?"

Donna did not need a moment to think, instantly she told me "My Grandmother and mother; my grandmother was one of the very first women to be an Avon Representative. At an early age she would warn me about the danger of the sun. She was an absolutely stunning women who's beauty was so natural."

There are people who touch our lives and save us by giving us direction. With this in mind I asked Donna "Who are your personal heroes or heroines?"

Totally understanding Donna answered "I have three people who I have to thank. The greatest mentor I have ever had was Dr Philip Miller. I learned so much from him not only on a personal level but professional. My mother inspired me to go after my dreams and succeed in everything I do. My father inspired me to be a leader and not a follower and taught me that nothing is handed to you in life and if you want something, you have to go out and get it yourself."

Simply I asked Donna "Why does beauty matter and how can it have so much of an impact on someone's life?"

Donna sees the world in her own special way as "The Beauty Expert" excitedly telling me "Beauty is everywhere!" She went on to explain "I always admired the beauty of people inside and out. I want to empower people and take them on a beauty journey to love and feel good about themselves!"

Some people see beauty as superficial, I asked Donna "What do you personally feel that makes someone beautiful?"

Easily Donna stated "Their self-confidence. Youth has no age! It's all about how you shine from the inside out."

Being "The Beauty Expert" I questioned Donna "What is your most important objective and goal in life?"

Donna is all about helping others feel the best they can about themselves. This is totally apparent in her answer "My goal in life is to help people bring out their inner beauty and look their best! Looking their best makes them feel better!"

As people search for their own beautiful selves I asked of Donna to tell me "What do you recommend as a first step for someone seeking to beautify themselves?"

In a logical explanation Donna stated "Knowing that there are limitations to everything and keep a realistic approach to staying natural looking!"

Surgery can be drastic and often scary to many searching for a more beautiful self. I wanted Donnas' expert answer to "Surgery vs. non surgical procedures; What are your views?"

In her truthful and honest self Donna answered "I believe in both! If we didn’t have vanity I would not have a job." She further emphasized "I suggest starting the non-surgical route in your teens by taking extra care of the skin." Donna added "Everyone needs to use sun block every day… I can't emphasize enough the lifelong damage that the sun can cause to the skin."

As "The Beauty Expert" Donna has many followers. With so many fans I asked Donna "What would you recommend to others who want to work in your field?"

Donna emphasized that those wanting to enter into the field need to understand "Knowledge is power. You have to be humble and understanding to people needs and wants to be able to point them in the right direction."

Donna Fay takes her title as "The Beauty Expert" sincerely spreading her knowledge in the media, at events and as the personal Esthetic Coach working with Dr. Steven J. Pearlman. As a licensed professional Donna Fay understands the importance of working with the staff of properly licensed medical personnel at Dr. Pearlman's office, including LPNs and nurse practitioners, to perform the specific services and treatments individualized for every client that puts their trust in her.

Take a moment to see the beauty that is life and never be afraid to dance!

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