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Interview with Dawn Hunt, Kitchen Witch, owner of Cucina Aurora

Dawn Hunt, Kitchen Witch, owner of Cucina Aurora

Dawn Hunt is a Kitchen Witch, a Witchcraft practitioner who channels her magick through the creation of food. Ms. Hunt sells her infused olive oils, cookie mixes, and more all up and down the East Coast through her business Cucina Aurora. She also lectures on Kitchen Witchery at pagan and other events.

“A Kitchen Witch is any one who…has ever put love into a surprise dinner that he made for his sweetheart. The Kitchen Witch puts intention in the foods that she or he eats and shares with others,” says

Ms. Hunt grew up in a Catholic Italian family. She did not realize she was a Kitchen Witch until her “light bulb moment”: reading A Kitchen Witch’s Cookbook by Patricia Telesco.* After getting over the contrast between her pagan spirituality and her Catholic upbringing, she realized her family traditions had a lot to offer her newly-discovered identity: “If you ever go into an Italian home, you know the religion is food.” She mixed her Italian love of food with what she learned from books, added her own energy and passion for high-quality magickal nourishment, and created what became Cucina Aurora.

“This is not packaged in a factory, made by someone who doesn’t care about it. It’s made with intention. We meditate and visualize as we make the product; we focus that energy in the food.” The result is healing and thoroughly yummy. Many products are vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free. Everything is all-natural.

Cucina Aurora markets to both the pagan and non-pagan communities. For Ms. Hunt, this is part of the magick of Kitchen Witchery: “Everybody eats. It’s something that unifies all people. How you worship doesn’t matter.”

Buy Cucina Aurora products at, several Boston-area stores, and many festivals. Ms. Hunt will staff the booth at the upcoming SoWa Winter Market in February through April 2014 in Boston MA, where she will be selling all the products and signing her cookbooks (

* 2002 Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. ISBN# 9781567187076.

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