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Interview with Chicago Vegan Foods makers of Temptation ice cream

Chicago Vegan Foods makers of Dandies vegan marshmallows
Chicago Vegan Foods makers of Dandies vegan marshmallows
Leolin Lopez

Chicago is home to some pretty awesome vegan food and in particular is Chicago Vegan Foods, makers of Temptation Ice Cream and Teese vegan cheese. Dan Reed, Marketing Director for Chicago Vegan Foods, took time out to answer some popular questions regarding this vegan business.

How did Chicago Vegan Foods get started?

Most of our early customers know about our early beginnings with Temptation, but truth be told we actually started as a soy milk manufacturer! We didn't get very far with it though. For the first few years we continued to use our soy milk recipe to create the base for Temptation.

How did the name “Temptation” come about for your ice cream?

The history of the name is actually not super exciting. The father of our founder Ryan Howard came up with it in a brainstorming session. It was hard to argue with perfection and the name stuck!

Your company is very popular among the vegan community. How has the reception been in the general public?

The reception is great! For Temptation we are always appearing on a list somewhere as one of THE items to get while visiting Chicago Diner (their milkshakes are made with Temptation). 'Recently' it was featured in "26 Food Things Only A Chicagoan Would Understand" on Huffington Post!

What is the best part about owning a vegan food business in Chicago?

Being influenced by our friends, family, and environment! We've been blessed to have a great support from other influential businesses / organizations like Upton's Naturals, Chicago Diner, and Mercy For Animals. We're a global company, but our roots are firmly planted in Chicago and the Midwest. And frankly, the summers are pretty super great!

Any last words?

We started this company with the intention of saving animals, and that goal still remains. We're about as vegan as you can get with at least 75 collective years of veganism under the belts of our small staff! We live and breathe with this goal in mind. We're fortunate that we get to eat pretty well while doing it!

Nothing is more rewarding than helping a person transition to a more animal friendly way of being. We know we can't convert every single person, but we can get them thinking and we can get them eating less animal products. Every little bit counts and every victory is worth celebrating.

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