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Interview with CEO Jeffrey Keen on USA Book News, winners and next awards event

On Feb. 25, 2014, Keen Multimedia Group's Jeffrey Keen shared some of the company's background, 2013 winners and information pertaining to the company's next event. That event is the Annual USA Best Book Awards.

2013 Winner in The 10th Annual USA Best Book Awards
2013 Winner in The 10th Annual USA Best Book Awards
Award-Winning Book, Image: Courtesy
USA Best Book Awards
USA Best Book Awards, Photo: Facebook

Jeffrey Keen, out of Los Angeles, CA, is the President and CEO of Keen Multimedia Group, USA. The group is the parent company of and

"Keen has worked in the publishing industry in an executive capacity for over fifteen years and has helped thousands of authors, publishers and public speakers garner media coverage and strategic partnerships that boost both sales and the reputation of represented clients. He has worked with mega-million best-selling authors to first time authors self-publishing their work.

The USA Best Book Awards is one of the largest mainstream book award competitions in the United States. was launched in 2003 and through Keen's leadership and dedication thousands of authors and publishers have benefited from the USA Best Book Awards. It is sponsored by USA Book News... " - Keen Multi Media Group, USA

Jeffrey Keen, what is the background and main purpose of the USA Best Book Awards event?

"This awards event comes from over a decade of experience in the publishing industry. USA Book News will continue to honor outstanding mainstream and indie books now and in the future. We are involved not only in numerous aspects of the publishing world but in the entertainment industry as well."

How long has this event been available, and what is it specifically designed for?

"Our upcoming event will be the 11th USA Best Book Awards, and it is designed to garner media coverage and book sales. In addition, it helps the winners and finalists, as the awarded books are better able to be promoted to the publishing and entertainment industries!"

Jeffrey, what do you see when it comes to the potential of books and the advantage of your location?

"Fiction and non-fiction books have the potential to be turned into interactive eBooks, television and movie programs, documentaries, reality-based programming, video games, graphic novels, web series, live workshops, and so much more.

Since we are located in the heart of Los Angeles, USA Book News has the unique advantage of gaining access to both the publishing and entertainment industries. As a result, it is like no other book award program currently operating."

Thank you Jeffrey Keen for your time in sharing about your company and its upcoming event.

Some of the 2013 winners (books) are seen in slideshow. The 2014 USA Best Book Awards event is in full swing. Updated 2014 info at links below with final entry deadline on Sept. 30, 2014.

Readers can learn more by going to:

Enjoy above video on "What is the Future for the Novel?"

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