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Interview with celebrity hair stylist and make-up artist Tre' Major


When you see Tichina Arnold, Patti Labelle, Taraji P. Henson, Halle Berry and a whole host of other beautiful celebrity women, one of the first things you notice about them is their talent, their craft and of course their fierce hair and flawless make-up and then you want to know, who in the world does their hair!  That would be none other than Mr. Tre Major himself the talent behind the scenes of some of the most notable hair styles, trends and make-up to date. Creating fabulous and luxurious looks for both men and women A-listers, Tre has taken some of his clients from the back seat of fashion and beauty all the way to the top! Tré is a celebrity in his own right, as he is often caught in photos with celebrities by the paparazzi while shopping, lunching, partying or just hanging out with his A-list celebrity clients. It's for a very good reason that Tre' Major has been referred to as the ''mane man'' of hair styling. At the tender age of 27, this trend setting stylist has managed to amass a list of celebrity-diva clients which includes: Mary J. Blige, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Naomi Campbell, Aaliyah, Tyra Banks, Deborah Cox, Gabrielle Union, Dawn Robinson, Veronica Webb and many others.

Tre Major
Photo courtesy of Tre Major

Additionally, Tre' (who was recently honored as one of ''The Vibe 100'') has worked with many of the world's top photographers such as Herb Ritts, Annie Liebowitz, Matthew Ralston and David La Chapelle.

Tre' s meteoric rise had its humble beginnings in the most unlikely of places; Shreveport, Louisiana. As the brother of nine sisters he was often called into action as his mom's ''styling assistant''. My sisters were always asking me to fix their hair. I found myself really enjoying playing the role of hairstylist. I felt happy doing their hair.

Tre' left Louisiana for Los Angeles in the late 80's and soon began taking classes at the Los Angeles Trade Tech Hair School. He was highly lauded by his professors and gained their regard and respect when he came up with new means of cutting, coloring, and weaving hair.

Armed with an education and experience, Tre' decided to test his recently honed skills in the most fashion conscious of American venues; New York City. His exciting and innovative work quickly gained a great deal of notice and he began traversing the country and displaying his craft in music videos, advertising campaigns, and magazines. Not only did he catch the attention of internationally popular magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Vibe, Vanity Fair, Flaunt, W Magazine, and Vogue, but his work was frequently and prominently displayed in various trade magazines such as American Salon, Sophisticate's Black Hair and a host of others.

Tre's approach to hair styling gets its inspiration from 'the strangest places', including his 'dreams and nature'. He says, 'Once I saw a homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk and when he woke up his hair was arranged in such an interesting pattern that I decided to use it in one of my hairstyles'.

Tre' is probably best known for revamping the look of Mary J. Blige beginning in 1999, he was her exclusive hair stylist until 2004. His work can be seen in the Dark and Lovely products and MAC Viva Glam Campaigns featuring Mary. Not only does Tre' develop new concepts, but he breathes new life into historical styles such as the Shag, the Flip, and the Farrah.

Hartford Fashion News Examiner: What made you realize that you had a passion for doing hair & makeup? How did you get into the industry?    
TRE: My grandmother would get all Diva’d up with her big hairpieces and flawless make-up .. she was my first inspiration .. the industry happened by accident actually .. I was in the right place at the right time .. assisting a friend as his wardrobe assistant..and the group was looking for hair & make-up... lucky me! It has been a wonderful adventure from then to now.

Hartford Fashion News Examiner: You do such phenomenal work as a celebrity hairstylist, what inspires you when it comes to creating a whole new look for one of your clients?  
TRE: Thank you very much! I Love what I do …the inspiration comes from the connection .. once we have met or if we already have a working relationship. It’s a feel, a certain message that she may want to get out or maybe even something more daring than ever before my mind gets to going, or it may be to listen to the album or have a peek at the script .. I work with actresses and recording artist so it all varies from 1 to the other but chemistry plays a big part for sure .

Hartford Fashion News Examiner: Do you have a signature look that you like to create? 
TRE: Yes I do, I feel like I tend to create either very soft , pretty, easy breezy hair styles or very edgy looks. Extreme opposites huh? LOL..I know ….  signature cuts~ lots of layers always!

Hartford Fashion News Examiner: It must be such hard work reinventing and keeping up with the trend of hair styles, what would you say has been one of your most challenging obstacles if any in regard to staying on top of your game?  
TRE: I do love a challenge, I never really try to keep up with whats goin on, I work in the moment of what were feeling and what simply works at that time ... I custom everything to my clients needs.

Hartford Fashion News Examiner: You deal with some real A-listers manes. Do you have a favorite celeb(s) you prefer to work with? I don’t want to get you into trouble with anyone though (LOL).
TRE: I love working with them all, they all are so different in sooo many ways ,it Is just a great thing for me to do what I love to do with these Fabulous Divas and that they love what I do for them.

Hartford Fashion News Examiner: Have you ever had any ridiculous hair requests that you were uncomfortable with?   
TRE: Oh yes! Perming, relaxing & color at the same time! Bad news for hair!

Hartford Fashion News Examiner: What are your favorite brands/products to work with as far as hair and makeup products?  
TRE: Hair products would be Tre’ Major haircare line, I love my products they work great on all hair textures I have a full line, 10 pieces with shampoo’s, conditioners , shine drops , heat protection, gels, hair sprays, curl balm and more .. I really like Frederick Fekkai, Phyto- Specifics, Rene Furterer & Loreal also are some of my faves. Make-up would be M.A.C , Bobbi Brown, Iman, Nars, Estee Lauder, Smashbox, Bare minerals would be some of whats in my make-up kit.

Hartford Fashion News Examiner: What would you say are the best parts of your job?
TRE: Meeting wonderful people, creating, and traveling the world doing what I love .

Hartford Fashion News Examiner: Before you style someone and they are sitting in your chair waiting for you to work your magic, what makes you decide how you are going to make them look? Are there specific assets you focus on to create your looks, such as cheekbones,eyes, etc?   
TRE: Well it first depends on the event, the dress, if its performance verses red carpet, then I register all of the information with the assets that are before me and Voila!!  FIERCE-NESS is Served!!
Hartford Fashion News Examiner: LOVE IT!!!

Hartford Fashion News Examiner: Do you have any hints on the next big thing in hair trends for 2010? 
TRE: Just a little teenie tiny hint ok, .. BIG odd shapes.

Hartford Fashion News Examiner: What is some of the mistakes women make when it comes to taking care of their hair?
TRE: I find that a lot of the mistakes come from a lack of commitment to their hair ... not enough TLC or either their with the wrong stylist.

Hartford Fashion News Examiner: Are you styling any A-listers for the 2010 Oscars? If so who?  
TRE: Yes I am and I'm super excited ... I will be working on the Image Awards and the Oscars they are a day apart and both days I will work my magic on Ms.Patti LaBelle and Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood.

Hartford Fashion News Examiner: What’s next for Tre Major? What do you have in store for 2010 and beyond?
TRE: Well the official launch of my product line is on the way as well as a wig collection and other hairstyling tools …more seminars and giving back to less advantaged artist and last but not least Branding the Tre’ Major incorporation is where my focus is in this new decade. So as they say in the hair biz ~~MORE HAIR !! XO  T.M.

We thank Tre for visiting with us and giving us such a great interview! We wish Tre much success with everything he has in store for us fashionistas!



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