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Interview with C.J. Morgan on new characters and entertainment projects (Photos)

On Jan. 8, 2014, actress and author C.J. Morgan took the time to share with about her latest entertainment projects, novel, new characters and marriage, as well as her big move to Las Vegas!

C.J. Morgan as Serafina the Storytelling Fairy
C.J. Morgan
C.J. Morgan, Photo: Courtesy

Morgan, an entertainer most of her life, was first involved in music as a keyboard player in her family band and later, on the road with other bands, became a vocalist.

"Music was my first passion, and as a band member I toured across the country. As a result, I not only played the keyboard but vocals were added to my repertoire as well."

C.J. Morgan is also a BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) affiliated songwriter who has received accolades for her songs. Soon after her band tours, acting became one of Morgan's interests, and she even earned acting awards!

"I was an actress in high school and college, and I garnered awards for my roles. Later I began getting work in regional television commercials and small roles in films."

In addition to her gifts of song, songwriting and acting, Morgan challenged herself at another level, that of college.

"With a Bachelor's degree from the University of Utah in Communication and a Masters from the University of Tennessee in Educational Psychology, I held a number of progressively responsible positions with several organizations. One of those included a joint program of the Ford Motor Company and United Auto Workers."

Such positions required this talented entertainer to often connect with an audience, thus using her performing arts skills.

In 2006 this talented entertainer combined her knowledge, education and show biz background to form C.J. Morgan & Associates Training & Development. The company specializes in "edu-tainment."

"My seminars and workshops are known for their lively and interactive nature as well as their effectiveness. As a keynote speaker I have addressed several topics for a number of different organizations.

I have also written articles for numerous trade journals and magazines, and I am a published author."

Morgan's first book, in 2009, was "Roselady, A Story of Hope, Change and Perseverance," and it is her memoir. That same year she also began her career as a professional celebrity tribute artist portraying country superstar Dolly Parton as "Almost Dolly."

"As Dolly, again, I get to use my vocal and acting skills. When I'm 'Almost Dolly' I perform in shows, do meet and greets and appear in guest spots.

Most recently I have added new character Serafina the Storytelling Fairy who joins Freida the Fortune Teller and Genie as in 'I Dream of Genie.'"

Right now C.J. Morgan, as herself, is concentrating on her recent marriage to celebrity lookalike Jack Bullard as Jack Nicholson, and on the development of more characters, storytelling, pantomime, comedy and then some!

Obviously there is more behind this talented lady than meets the eye (see slideshow and links), as C.J. Morgan has more to share in future articles as well. Her move, with new husband to Vegas, is opening many doors, and fans look forward to seeing what is on the other side!

Thank you C.J. Morgan for sharing. To learn even more about Morgan, her book, as well as new and upcoming projects go to C.J. Morgan & Associates, The Roselady, "Almost Dolly," Amazon and Facebook.

Enjoy video above on "The Life and Career of Dolly Parton."

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