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Interview with Bryan Nevin and Christopher Van Etten, part one of two

[[Bryan Nevin]]’s work has adorned the cyber pages of DNA and Beautiful Mags and blogs alike. His erotic imagery rides the thin line between fantasy and reality. His models, from the mundane to the pornographic, certainly paint an erectile daydream for most all over the sexuality spectrum.

Christopher Van Etten by Bryan Nevin
Christopher Van Etten by Bryan Nevin
Bryan Nevin Media
Andres Garcia Photography

Bryan, the man behind the lens, is a star in his own mind. The coquettish and suave photographer is as POW as his imagery. When discussing his work he says with no qualms “I want people to see my face. I want them to know who I am”. His time in front of the lens does not disappoint (see attached).

Despite wanting to be front and center there is layer of mystique and even vulnerability. When talking to Bryan his eyes give away something his mouth cannot hide: his sensibilities. But before the sparks in them say too much he opens his mouth and adds with a wink “I’m not sure how to walk you through the steps of a session. I think that is best kept secret, you know?” when asked about the process of creation.

To know Bryan is to know a go-getter, a frank person, a flirt, an achiever, and most importantly, an excitable person. Before working with Christopher Van Etten, smitten as ever, he warned “you are going to want to talk to me on the 21st”. After, he added “because I have a huge session, but I cannot tell you!”

For those who do not know Christopher, he is a double amputee American veteran. His visual appeal is completed by an extra lean physique which would make most people go “hello!”. But beneath the tattooed, luscious body there is an over-achiever, a go-getter and an extremely positive individual.

“I hope what I am doing is inspiring others. This is not something that has been
done much and I like to think that people like Alex Minsky and myself are
breaking down barriers. I want people to see that hard work and believing in
yourself can take you places you’ve never imagined. And that no matter how hard
life gets, it will get better.”

Christopher’s work with Bryan starts to make more sense.

When asked about working with Bryan, Christopher says “Well Bryan had sent me a message asking if I would ever be interested in shooting with him. I liked his photography and since I was going to St. Louis for the holidays I figured I could go up to Chicago for a day or two. His work is awesome, you can tell photography is a big passion of his and it shows through his work.”

Working together was “a blast” says Christopher. “It was very easy going environment and we both had the same concept in our heads when shooting. Nothing we did felt uncomfortable and I hope we can work together again sometime.”

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