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Interview with Brine Books, Publisher of My Whispers of Horror

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Women search for happiness no matter where they live. They want to build a life, family, career in order to insure a wholesome future. But in much of the world the patriarchal cultures women are born into simply nip at a woman’s potential and brutally guards the slave-like position that women occupy.

Women struggle as they are bought and sold as property. Their inheritance of an unequal and corrupt system that works against them. All while being enforced by domestic violence which women must deal with alone.
These issues, and so much more, are addressed by the voices of real women in ex-USSR nations. We included anonymous letters that will touch and terrify you on a personal level, while learning what women still have to deal with today.

1. How did you come up with the title of your book?

We actually came up with a list of ten different title ideas and had sent them to family members. We didn't tell them which we preferred, but gaged their interest in what we had provided. The favorite, in the end, was “My Whispers of Horror”.

We had also selected that one as often, in ex-USSR nations, women are forced into a quiet tolerance over the injustices that they face from the hands and fists of their husbands or fathers.

2. What is your writing environment like?

Chris: My wife and I sitting at the kitchen table with our computers as we discuss our direction and efforts. Also often we are focused on finding new ways of marketing our book, or to receive submissions for upcoming anthologies. At our stage of the business, we are working a lot!

Olga: But we feel that it will be worth it.

3. What is your favorite quote? Why?

“When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.”
– Thomas Jefferson

This quote signifies to me how the people have a lot of power if they choose to utilize it. In fact, people need to understand when they are in a tyranny so that they know when to stand up and instill fear into their government.
Keep in mind that just because you disagree with the government doesn't mean that it is a tyranny. A tyranny is when you are afraid to voice your views on the government, which is unfortunately the tough reality in much of the world. But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't stand up and do something for our liberty. This is the very reason why I think that businesses such as ours is important, and why we will never stop our fight.

4. How has your upbringing influenced your writing?

Chris: My mother had always instilled in me to respect and treat all others as equals whether a woman, man, or anyone else. Plus my own upbringing has taught me how important it is to stand up for the marginalized, otherwise they will stand alone and most certainly be beaten down. If we want to raise our future children in a kind world, then we must stand together and for everyone. And we must never stop fighting for it.

Olga: If I were to touch on my influences for our work in publishing, it would have to be about my experiences during my childhood in Ukraine and what I had witnessed living there. To see women being stigmatized for bringing up the idea of domestic violence in their families being a problem… seeing them searching for help, while not knowing what to do, only to be turned away… many others accepting this hell as simply our way to live. Seeing all of that should influence anybody to put it all together into a book for the world to understand.

5. What inspires you to write?

Chris: I'll admit that I haven't written in awhile before this book despite majoring in creative writing in university. But my wife had inspired me to get back into it. She deserves all of the credit.

Olga: It is more about publishing than writing, and honestly there are so many problems in the world that we need organizations that will help bring a voice to these issues.

6. What do you consider the most challenging part about writing a novel, or about writing in general?

Getting it done. It isn't easy to keep at it and finish it, as the path to completion can take months and sometimes years. And even then you won't get it perfect. Sooner or later you have to say “Okay, it is the best it is going to be” and then publish it.

7. Did you learn anything while writing this book? If so, what was it?

Patience and dedication. You really need those two traits to complete a book.

8. What have you done to promote this book?

We are currently conducting a blog tour that ends at the end of January. We are talking about human rights issues on our blog, twitter, and Facebook to draw more attention to what we are doing. And we talk about it with anyone and everyone. Really, promoting a book we find is about networking.

9. What are some of the best tools available today for writers?

It is easier than ever before to be able to find a publisher or self publish. Often small press' use the same tools as a self publisher, but they also have multiple authors pooled together so that they can utilize a growing brand and their internal marketing efforts. Well, that and with a decent small press authors don't have to pay for the editing, cover design, layout, or marketing themselves, although it helps if they also market on the side it isn't a requirement. So there are advantages for either method, but again it is easier than ever.
But what I would suggest to all writers is to make sure that you use a proper word processor. Or, better yet use a processor that helps you organize your work such as Scrivener.

10. Is there anything else you would like to share?

We are not simply just writers but are also establishing a new publishing house. Our primary goals are to raise awareness and funds, through our book publishing efforts, for human rights issues around the world. At the moment we are focusing on Ukraine when it comes to funding, although we may branch out in the future once we feel we have made good progress.


We are an activist publishing company established as a partnership by a husband and wife in Ontario, Canada. The mission of this business is bring awareness for serious human rights issues around the world, while raising funds to expand our capabilities and to help fund non-profits and charities whose purpose is to better the world.
Our main purpose as a company is to find ways to better the world. We feel that if we fail in this mission then we fail as a business, so we will not give up on our goal. The release of our books and the profits that we raise are meant for this very purpose.
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