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Interview with Bonnie Bernstein

Bonnie Bernstein
Bonnie Bernstein
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Bonnie Bernstein has been named one of the most accomplished female sportscasters by the American Sportscaster Association. For 8 years she worked at CBS as the lead sideline reporter for the NFL and NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Her extensive career also includes freelancing for The Dan Patrick Show, ESPN, espnW, DirecTV and guest commentator for MSNBC, Fox News Channel and NBC. Bernstein is also the VP Content & Brand Development as well as Host of Campus Insiders. Continue reading to learn more about Bonnie and the philanthropic causes she holds nears and close to her heart!

How did you get your start in sports journalism? I decided when I was 12 or 13 that I wanted to write for Sports Illustrated. The epiphany came during a trip a Shea Stadium Press Box where I watched the Mets batting practice from the Sports Illustrated seating. I’ve always regretted not making a mental note of whom that was. I’d love to be able to share the story with him!

Which sports team is your favorite? New York Giants and New York Mets.

I heard you love to play golf, which athlete would you like to play golf with and why? From the golf world, probably Fred Couples, he seems like such a great guy and very close friend of Jim Nantz who was my TV big brother at CBS. Outside of golf I would say Michael Jordan. We’d reminisce about the years I spent covering the Bulls and I’d probably get the skinny on a whole bunch of inside stuff I wasn’t privy to back in the day.

What are some of your favorite ways to stay active when your not busy at work? I have a pretty diverse workout regime: Cardio, weights, yoga, core work, kettle bell drills, resistance band training and some modified Cross Fit stuff. Lots of folks underestimate the value in just walking! That’s what I love about NYC; I always say “Walk swiftly with purpose.” A brisk walk will get the heart pumping, as well as taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

In what ways do you like to give back to the community as a public health advocate? DVT Awareness and Childhood Obesity are my two focal points. DVT stands for Deep Vein Thrombosis, a blood clot that usually forms in the leg that can become life threatening if it breaks off and infiltrates your lungs. I am a DVT survivor after being diagnosed in 2006, part of my life’s work entails educating people about this largely preventable condition that kills more Americans than AIDS and Breast Cancer combined. For more information and a simple risk assessment test visit Childhood obesity is a personal passion point because a very close family member suffered through it. If we can teach kids at an early age that exercise can be fun along side sound nutrition they develop

What do you love most about reporting on college sports with Campus Insiders in comparison to professional sports? As a former student and athlete at the University of Maryland one of the great thrills for me is getting to know the athletes before they step foot in the professional sports realm. Gaining that familiarity with their game, talking with them about their hopes and dreams and then hopefully seeing that come to fruition. You can check out some of the work we do at and follow us on Twitter @CampusInsiders.


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