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Interview with “Billy Club” Creators as They Gear up to premiere in Milwaukee

“Billy Club”, which will premiere on October 1st (10pm) at the historic Oriental Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as part of the 2013 Milwaukee Film Festival, is a classic throwback to slasher films of horror’s glory days.

Billy Club

A throwback to the slasher films of the 1980s, "Billy Club" is the latest splatter pic from Nick Sommer and Drew Rosas (having previously worked together on "Blood Junkie," a film gnarly enough to be distributed by Troma!). Fifteen years after a triple homicide tore their Little League team and community apart, four friends reconvene to pay tribute to their fallen coach and teammates, only to be menaced by a mysterious figure hidden behind an antique umpire's mask and brandishing a nail-covered baseball bat. This bloody, brutal romp creates a memorable new slasher villain to place alongside Jason Voorhees, Ghostface and Michael Myers.

Recently, I’ve been able to get in touch with the creators of “Billy Club”, find out a little more about their film and their views as filmmakers.

How long have you been in filmmaking?

“Co-creator Drew Rosas and myself (Nick Sommer) both graduated with film degrees from UW Milwaukee. We’ve been making shorts since we were little kids but came together to on our first feature ‘Blood Junkie’ in 2008. Drew wrote and directed and I starred as one of the main characters as well as helped behind the scenes. We had so much fun we decided to team up once again as co-writer’s/directors of ‘Billy Club’.”

Is horror your genre of choice?

The great thing about horror movies is it’s sort of like working with every genre in one. You can have a mix of drama, comedy, love story, thriller, and horror. However we both agree we would love to explore other genres.”

How did the idea for “Billy Club” come about?

We’ve always wanted to create an iconic killer that is unique and super scary with a great back-story. Try to create my own classic in the realm of Mike Meyer’s, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. Baseball and horror movies just seemed like such a great combination, two classic American pastimes.”

What can the audience expect to experience from “Billy Club”?

“A classic 90’s style slasher throwback packed with some fun kills from a unique killer and an original weapon. DIY horror filmmaking at its best.”

When you were in production, was there anything that made you think, “This is going to make it!”?

“Ha, ha. Not really. I wouldn’t say “make it!” All we knew was that we would try as hard as we possibly could with the resources we had and the most amazing crew we could assemble to make the best movie we could.”

What advice would you offer for young aspiring filmmakers?

“Always remember to have fun because it truly is a labor of love. And keep production material. It is not always going to be a masterpiece, but get stuff done and move on to the next project. You will always learn new lessons when making films, so the more you can produce, the better filmmaker you will be.”

It’s refreshing to see something original come out of the genre again, with mainstream production companies cranking remakes, reboots, and redos, how do you feel about the strength of the horror industry?

“The whole film industry is unstable right now. Nobody can predict what will make money and what will flop. It’s easier for a big company to reboot something that’s already had success in the past. The promising part is that filmmaking tools are becoming more accessible to indie filmmakers. So while you have the classics constantly being remade, there is a fresh crop of filmmakers out there with new and unique visions. The great thing about horror as a genre is that the fans are die-hard! They are always scouring the Internet searching for the next great horror film and willing to support it. There’s a reason there’s not romantic comedy conventions.”

How excited are you to have our film premiering at our Milwaukee Film Festival?

“It’s always exciting after all your hard work to finally see it pay off. We are super pumped to see ‘Billy Club’ projected on the big screen at the Oriental theatre. It’s always a dream come true to see your movie playing at the same theatre you’ve been going to for years.”

Where can we pick up a copy of “Billy Club”?

“We will be screening film festivals for the next couple of months as we find the best match for distribution. So come on out and watch it on the big screen and stay tuned to our website ( for updates and festival screenings.”

“Billy Club” is a great original story, and it’s an honor to have it screening at this years film festival. If you’re interested in getting your seats for the film, log onto th festival website: or head over to for more information about the film.

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