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Interview with Between The Buried And Me's Dan Briggs

Back in the start of June, we met up with Dan Briggs of Between the Buried and Me when they were supporting Meshuggah on their 25th anniversary tour. For some reason this Interview never saw the light of day back then, but now that Briggs is releasing a new album from his side project Trioscapes on August 19th entitled "Digital Dream Sequence", I thought it would be a good time to release it. The interview was conducted outside of The Regency Ballroom a mere hours before Between the Buried and Me graced the stage and leveled the audience with a hand full of favorites from "Colors", "Parallax II" and "The Great Misdirect"

Between the Buried and Me and Meshuggah at the Regency Ballroom-slide0
Photo Courtesy of Simmons Tobias Photography
Interview with BTBAM
Photo courtesy of Simmons Tobias Photography

Although Between the Buried and Me, only played 5 songs, they held command of the room for a blistering 60 minutes. With Tommy running back and forth between the edge of the stage and his keyboard, and everyone else in BTBAM hitting their marks without fault, the audience was on high for the whole set.

Before the show however, we sat down with Bass player Dan Briggs, to discuss a little about the current tour with Meshuggah, how he transitions mindsets from playing with Between the Buried, and his other band Trioscapes. We get some insight on Briggs' writing process, a clue into some of his guilty pleasures, his favorite places to eat in San Francisco, and even what he would like to see during a BTBAM 25th anniversary tour.

Check out the video above, and if you are a fan of BTBAM and their progressive sound, I highly suggest you check out "Digital Dream Sequence" by Dan Briggs' other band Trioscapes when it drops August 19th. Much less Screaming, but amazing instrumentalists all the same!

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